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Bali Officials Lift 8 PM Curfew At Gilimanuk Port

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Bali officials have decided to lift the 8pm curfew in Gilimanuk Port to welcome more domestic visitors.

The General Manager of Indonesia Ferry Ltd for Ketapang Port East Java, Suharto confirmed that Gilimanuk and Ketapang Port is one of the main entrance for domestic travelers to gain access into Bali will be allowed to be fully operational again as the government decided to give leniency to attract more visitors by Monday (20/9) at 12:00am.

Two bus drivers have been arrested by the Jembrana police department for attempting to sell fake rapid antigen test documents to their passengers.

“We will officially begin to fully operate 24 hours a day again, after 2 months of being restricted due to the emergency partial lockdown which only allowed us to operate from 6:00am until 8:00pm.” Suharto said after welcoming the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises, Erick Tohir on Sunday (19/9). Suharto also admitted that the passengers of ferry services have significantly dropped since partial lockdown was implemented in the beginning of July 2021.

Despite being fully operational, each visitor is required to show proof of a Covid-19 vaccination and negative results from a rapid antigen test before gaining access to the island. “Since the government implemented the curfew over 2 months ago, the number of passengers has 70% dropped. And although Bali is not considered a red zone area of Covid-19 anymore, we haven’t seen any significant changes.” Suharto concluded.

Two minibus drivers have been arrested after attempting to use fake Covid-19 test and vaccine documents for their passengers at the Gilimanuk Port.

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