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Two Men Arrested For Repeated Robbery Of Bali Villa Closed By Pandemic

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Ubud Police have successfully arrested and charged two men with the robbery of a villa resort in Peliatan Village. The Head of the Ubud Police, Kompol I Made Tama, told reporters on Friday 8th July that the pair were behind a calculated and repeated robbery of Avilla Ubud during lockdown.

The men have been named as I Komang Sucipta Yasa, 18, and his friend Kesa Frebian Arsa, 21, both of whom live in Madenan Village, Tejakula District, Buleleng. Reporters heard how the pair slowly emptied the villa suites of furniture, tech, and decor over the course of 20 visits across the 6 months of heavy lockdown. 

Tama revealed how Yasa was an employee of the villa before the pandemic meaning he knew exactly where to find items he wanted to steal and how to access the buildings. The duo is said to have driven to Avilla in a pick-up truck and loaded the vehicle to the brim on each visit. The villa has been closed due to the pandemic and there was little security presence.

Although the robberies took place over the course of six months, the theft of the villa was only realized on the 27th of May 2022 when the owner of the villa recalled staff to begin reopening procedures. It was only when staff re-entered the building did they discover that the whole property had been ransacked.

Tama explained to reporters how the three staff had their suspicions aroused when as approached the villa they saw that the window to Room 801 was smashed. Upon entering the building and walking through to Room 801 they found that the whole room had been emptied. 

The staff immediately contacted Ubud Police who arrived on the scene and conducted a search of the villa’s rooms and communal areas. Tama said ‘The suspect took things belonging to Avilla Ubud [from] 8 rooms. The villa was empty, taken up to 20 times. So the theft was carried out in stages…After taking the items in the villa, they continued to be sold in Kerobokan, Batubulan’. 

Yasa and Arsa got away with 5 TV tables, 1 study table, 7 nightstands, 4 King Koil premium mattresses, 6 Sofia premium mattresses, a TV table, and 7-bed lamps from the rooms alone. There were also items stolen from communal and staff areas like desks, fridges, and other valuable items. 

Police Chief Tama was accompanied by the Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the Ubud Police, Iptu Ngakan Ketut Erawan, and the Head of the Public Relations Sub-section of the Gianyar Police, AKP. Nyoman Hendrajaya at Friday’s press conference.

Erawan and Hendrajaya told reporters that the thieves have been charged with Article 363 and Article 65 of the Indonesian Criminal Code in relation to robbery. They are both facing up to 7-years in prison.

The investigation remains ongoing to find the villa’s stolen furniture. The owner of the villa is said to have suffered a loss of IDR 300 million. Tama explained how Yasa and Arsa have confessed to selling the stolen goods at cheap prices to help shift them quickly. Tama said ‘He sold it for around Rp. 60 million, he has enjoyed it, it has [now] run out’.

The investigations team has contacted the buyers whose names have been handed over by Yasa and Arsa. The buyers are potentially compromised in this situation too if it comes to light that they knowingly bought stolen goods. The evidence and stolen goods that have been located are currently being stored at the Ubud Police Headquarters warehouse until the investigation is complete. 

Avilla Ubud is located in the heart of the city’s tourist hub and according to its GoogleMaps listing had dozens of 5-star reviews before the pandemic began.

Many of the area’s small and locally owned villas had no option but to shut down when lockdown was announced; these same businesses are slowly emerging as the peak season is getting into full flow. 

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Sunday 10th of July 2022

Just to be correct , the villa burglary above was not a robbery . I was a burglary in the English language . A robbery is when a person is confronted by another person demanding items in real time .


Saturday 9th of July 2022

More thieves from Java ya? How do many of them have Balinese names? Weird huh..

Paul Morris

Tuesday 12th of July 2022

@Dos, Wow finally someone who agrees totally with me what I think of the running commentary by this bloke over the last 2 1/2 years absolute verbal diarrhoea.


Tuesday 12th of July 2022

@Dos, you seemed to take it personally about asking what Javanese names may sound likely to you...better yet perhaps to check on your personal mental hygiene instead.


Tuesday 12th of July 2022

@Dos, whatever dude!! Your statement does not bother me. Those who don't like my narrative are always in denial of the truth out there.

Apparently some Balinese folks have adopted names outside their norm. If you don't already know... Many believe that Balinese do not commit crimes as karma will come back to bite them. That's not true anymore.


Monday 11th of July 2022

@Randy, what has your comment to do with the article? You seem to be writing absolute random nonsense constantly.

How would you know names from Java is not the point of my comment. It's about the long standing narrative that Balinese don't commit crime and always blame it on the Javanese or others. Yet many of recent crime reports are filled with Balinese names.. which are pretty easy to distinguish if you know even a little bit about Balinese naming. Thus, the whole 'Balinese - no crime' is a completely false narrative that only a moron would believe. My purpose is to bring to light such falsehoods, lies, etc. And my above comment is calling out on that.

Your comment on the other hand seems random rambling about something off topic that doesn't fit to this particular story. Do some mental hygiene and stop spewing online diarrhea.


Sunday 10th of July 2022

@Dos, how would you know what Javanese names sound like ya?

There was a recent white looking foreigner who spray painted with expletive words at the Sematsari market wall in Tibubeneng village, North Kuta. He was caught on CCTV. He is wanted for vandalism according to coconuts Bali. A bounty on his head has been announced to whomever can catch him in the sum of 1.5 million Rupiah. Not a high substantial amount. This is not the first time the walls have have been vandalized. His behavior sparked outrage and many irritated folks are calling for this foreign vandal deported or jailed. Will he be caught? Will the expat community in Bali figure it out ya?