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Tourists Warned To Avoid Parking At This Bali Attraction Right Now

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Bali is experiencing a lot of bad weather this week.

Tourists and locals are warned to be aware of lightning storms, potential flooding, and landslides. 

Jatiluwih Rice Terraces in Daytime in Bali.jpg

Disaster has already struck at one major tourist landmark. A landslide has washed away the parking lot at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Jatiluwih.

The iconic rice terraces in Tabanan Regency had already been having issues with providing enough parking spaces for tourist vehicles. The landslide happened on Sunday afternoon, and officials are still cleaning up the mess. 

A video circulating online shows the landslide as it happens. In the footage, motorcycles and vehicles can be seen being washed away and damaged by the flood water and landslide.

Penebel Police Chief AKP I Gusti Kade Alit Murdiasa confirmed the disaster. The landslide occurred on Sunday (28/1/2024) at around 15.30 WITA. “That was yesterday evening; for that incident, there were no casualties and material losses of approximately IDR 100 million.”

He confirmed that the brunt of the damage was caused by a wall collapsing over the car parking area.

AKP Murdiasa said, “This was due to heavy rainfall, which caused landslides and fences to slide. Two motorbikes were buried under walls, and four cars of visitors or guests were crushed by wall debris and landslides.”

@barlyantvici Mendung-mendung yang pas buat bengong sambil liatin sawah 🌾🍃 #tabanan #tabananbali #jatiluwihbali #riceterrace #cafebali #placetogobali #kulinerbali #barlyrecommend ♬ my love mine all mine sped up – ✰

The Police Chief confirmed that the Senganan-Jatiluwih Road was unaffected by the natural disaster.

However, given that heavy rainfall and storms are predicted for the rest of the week, tourists may wish to park in Jatiluwih Village and walk to the rice terraces. It is advisable to bring decent footwear as it may be muddy in places. 

Despite the rains, Jatiluwih is beautiful at this time of the year. In April, entry tickets to the rice terraces will increase to be in alignment with similar attractions on the island.

Speaking to reporters last week, the Tourism Manager of Jatiluwih, Ketut Purna, said that the plan to increase the entrance ticket rate for this government-managed tourist attraction had gone through a study and been granted approval from the management body.

Purna said, “It will take effect from the 1st of April 2024. We will socialize this in the next two to three months first.”

The new prices will see domestic children pay IDR 5,000 and domestic adults will pay IDR 15,000. Prices are slightly higher for international tourists, as is the case at most government-managed tourism attractions. Therefore, foreign children will then pay IDR 40,000, and foreign adults IDR 50,000.

Both tourists and locals are advised to keep a close eye on weather reports for the rest of the week and proceed with outdoor activities with caution.

Twelve watermelon farmers from Buleleng Regency were struck by lightning over the weekend as they sheltered beneath a small shed on their land. 


Tragically, two of the farmers were killed, but the lightning struck while the eight remained in the hospital receiving treatment.

The doctors are treating three of the victims for neurogenic shock, decreased blood pressure, and damage to the nervous system.

Two of the farmers have been discharged and are being treated as outpatients. 


The Bali Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) Climatology Station Analysis and Forecast Coordinator Made Dwi Wiratmaja when confirmed that the peak of the rainy season is expected to occur in February, with these storms being the first wave of the worst of it. 


Wiratmaja said, “What you need to be careful of is the potential for heavy rain, which strong winds and lightning can accompany during the season transition period like now,”

Weather apps like and Windfinder give pretty accurate weather forecasts and are easy to download onto a smartphone.

Alternatively, weather warnings are published by the BMKG Bali on their Instagram account @BMKGBali

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Thursday 1st of February 2024

Prices rise in tourist places all over the world frequently. Why Bali wants to constantly broadcast price rises in minor and major attractions as if it's major headline news is puzzling and immature. Then again when it's headlining it's chasing a tourist for speaking the truth to investigate and deport it's even more disturbing. Denial of rubbish from its interior villages washing down rivers and creeks and out to sea and back onto its beaches is a yearly blame on other islands. Yes some of it does come from other islands but a lot of it is self imposed. Officials and elected governance here need to get out of their tinted windowed vehicles that barge around roads with wailing sirens to sanitised events for a media photo and get a grip on reality. Plus Kuta/Legian and Seminyak are not the only beaches that need a focus for rubbish cleaning try Seseh to Gannga Yeh and beyond the beaches are atrocious with rubbish all year round. And let's not mention young unlicensed kids riding around helmetless on modified motorbikes like their trialling for Mandalika raceway. Seen any of those officials?

Robert Sablin

Wednesday 31st of January 2024

When the village chief cuts down all the trees and sells the wood to but a new Toyota Highlander, that's what you get. The root systems which held the land together are all gone now, and this will only get way worse. Typical local greed and lack of planning.

Brendan Bule

Wednesday 31st of January 2024

I live in buruan, Gyanyar regency and the daily trash caught by the innovative Sungai Watch pontoons in the river outside my door is a disgrace. Picture available.


Wednesday 31st of January 2024

Stop broadcasting that entrance fees are rising. The tourist doesnt know what the prices are, or were before, so stop telling them. It does no good to attract tourists that every day articles tell of price rises.


Thursday 1st of February 2024

@Karen, Cost of entry is useful information for a family to find out if a tourist "attraction" is within budget. A bit late to find out after hours on the road. That said, I recommend people to look up google reviews and select 1 star ones that usually are honest.