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Tourists In Bali’s Nusa Penida Urged To Keep Safety In Mind

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Bali’s Nusa Penida is one of the most beautiful locations in all of Indonesia. As such, the remote island has become one of the provinces’ most popular travel destinations.

Known for rugged cliff tops and dramatic coastal vistas, Nusa Penida is a truly unique location. However, some tourists have been taking bigger and bigger risks on the island. 

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Accidents at sea and accidents at the island’s most popular cliff-top viewpoints are concerningly on the rise in Nusa Penida.

In just two weeks, two tourists were dragged out to sea by the ocean current, despite warnings not to swim.

In other parts of the island this year, tourists have fallen from cliff edges while posing for photos. Some have been left with serious injuries, and in one tragic case, one tourist lost his life

While officials on the island are working hard to improve safety infrastructure at key tourist attractions, local leaders are urging tourists to take responsibility for their own safety.

One tour guide in Nusa Penida made impassioned statements to reporters, calling on tourists to behave with more care. 

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Made Sukarya said, “There are usually a lot of tourists. There are some who really take care of their safety. But not a few also ignore their safety.”

“Sometimes there are even tourists who are deliberately looking for high waves. We warn them they don’t even care. They are looking for challenging things.”

By challenging things, Sukyara is alluding to tourists who are seeking to create content for social media, either video or photos, that involve accessing precarious spots on cliff tops, posing in unsafe positions at the cliff edge, or even venturing into the water during dangerous tides just to capture content that may go viral.

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As tourists are urged to take responsibility for their decisions regarding their safety, officials on the island are also stepping up and ensuring they are doing what they can to keep tourists safe.

The Head of Klungkung Tourism Office, Ni Made Sulistiawati explained to reporters that there is an increasing amount of supervision in place from lifeguards and on-duty search and rescue teams across Nusa Penida’s busiest beaches and photo spots. 

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Sulistiawati shared that he and his teams have submitted proposals to the regency government to increase the number of patrolling officers in Nusa Penida’s most popular tourist destinations ahead of the upcoming high season. 

Sulistiawati said, “Apart from that [increased officers], we also expect the participation of all tourism actors in accordance with the Regent’s Circular regarding the safety and security of tourists in the Nusa Penida Tourism Area to take part in guarding and warning guests not to swim at beaches where warning signs prohibit swimming are installed.”


Two sign boards have already been installed at the world-famous Kelingking Beach, advising tourists not to enter the water and the dangers of swimming in the area.

There are currently just five patrolling officers covering the most dangerous spots in Nusa Penida, the most dangerous of which are also the most popular; Kelingling Beach, Diamond Beach, Angels Billabong, and Broken Beach. 


As the high season approaches, tourists and tour guides will continue to be advised about what is and isn’t safe in Nusa Penida.

The dozens of tragedies that have occurred in Nusa Penida since borders reopened after the pandemic lockdowns in February 2022 have been saddening for the world to see and devastating for all those affected by such accidents. 


Not only are officials in Nusa Penida working to improve safety, but they have also pledged to upscale the tourism infrastructure on the island to ensure that tourists have a comfortable and convenient stay.

The commitment of effort and funds comes as the central government has identified Nusa Pendia as a National Tourism Strategic Area (KPSN).

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