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Bali Search And Rescue Teams Save Russian Tourist From Famous Kelingking Beach

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A Russian tourist has been safely evacuated from Kelingking Beach in Nusa Penida after being hit by strong waves. The 33-year-old tourist, known by her first initial, M, was saved by Bali Search and Rescue teams on Saturday, 21st January. M has suffered a severe injury to her shoulder but is otherwise uninjured. Police and Search and Rescue teams coordinated the operation that ran into the night due to the remote location of the incident.

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The Head of Nusa Penida Police, Kompol Ida Bagus Putra Sumerta, confirmed to reporters that M was visiting Kelingking Beach at around 5.30 pm. Kelingking Beach is famously only accessible by climbing down the cliff face’s steep and often dangerous steps.

However, on this occasion, M and her friend made it down to the shoreline without a problem. Sumerta shared that M had been taking selfies along the shoreline when she was hit by a high wave. She was carried out by the strong waves but managed to make it back to the sand.

However, it was clear to M and her friend that she had dislocated her shoulder endways in a lot of pain. Contact was made to the Nusa Penida Police and the local Search and Rescue unit. Teams arrived on the scene at around 8 pm. However, it took until 9.30 pm for teams to begin safely evacuating M back up the cliff.

Police Chief Sumerta told reporters on Sunday, “For the evacuation of victims, the Joint SAR Team also assisted. The evacuation process was carried out until night because the terrain was quite difficult. The victim had a dislocated right shoulder. The victim will be referred to the Klungkung General Hospital.”

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The Head of the Bali Search and Rescue team, Gede Darmada, told reporters that four personnel from the Nusa Penida SAR unit attended the scene, along with officers from Nusa Penida Police and the Nusa Media Nusa Penida Clinic.

Darmada said, “Even though the victim can still walk, for safety reasons and to prevent more serious injuries, he needs SAR assistance. At approximately 9.50 pm, they arrived at the Kelingking Beach parking lot in a safe condition and [the victim] was then taken to the Nusa Medika Clinic using the Nusa Medika Clinic Ambulance.”

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Search and Rescue teams in Nusa Pendia have responded to dozens of incidents in the last few months. During the Christmas and New Year Holidays, Nusa Penida Search and Rescue worked around the clock to locate a missing tourist who had been swept out to sea from Diamond Beach on the other side of the island. Sadly, after a three-day search, officers found the body of the missing tourist, known by his initial NJ, in the waters off Diamond Beach.


In November 2022, Search and Rescue teams in Nusa Penida saved the life of an Indonesian tourist, 27-year-old Alvalino Kesanda, who fell 40m from the cliff top at Broken Beach. As reported at the time, soon after arriving at the viewpoint at Broken Beach, Kesanda asked his guide to start taking photos of him. His tour guide, I Komang Gede Subawa, also 27, happily obliged.


The police report confirmed that after taking around ten or so photos, Kesanda attempted a somersault at the cliff edge. After failing to land the jump on two feet, he slipped and fell from the cliff’s edge. He plummeted 40m to the rocky beach below. Despite the impact and landing on rocks, Kesanda survived.


Due to the difficult position that Kesanda landed in, the rescue effort was herculean, taking over an hour to hoist him back to safety once he had received emergency treatment to ensure he was safe to be moved.

Once he was safely in the care of the hospital team, the mission was regarded as a resounding success. Bali Search and Rescue, BPBD Klungkung, SAR Samapta, Nusa Penida Police, PMI, and local tour guides were all praised for their swift and effective action in dealing with the situation.

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Wednesday 25th of January 2023

As wealthy as Bali is supposed to be why doesn't it have a rescue helicopter on standby? I guess the money is for the politicians instead for the welfare of the tourists who are making the politicians wealthy.