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Bali’s Nusa Penida Pledges To Improve Infrastructure To Ensure Island Remains Comfortable For Tourists

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Nusa Penida is one of the most easily recognizable islands in Bali Province. The iconic cliff tops of Nusa Penida have become the picture postcard of the Indonesian holiday resort.

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Over the past year, however, a series of accidents have caused Nusa Penida to hit the headlines for the wrong reasons. Now officials are committing to improving infrastructure on the island to ensure public safety and tourism quality.

Officials spoke to the media during a visit to Nusa Penida, where they discussed plans to establish the island as a National Tourism Strategic Area (KPSN). This is huge news for Nusa Penida.

This upgrade to a KPSN would see the tiny island receive a huge funding boost; a much-needed injection of funds that will help grow the local economy and quality of life for local people.

What’s more, the investment in making Nusa Penida a KSPN will improve the quality of tourism infrastructure on the island, making it easier and even more comfortable for tourists to indulge in island life. 

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The Regent of Klungkung, I Nyoman Suwirta, told reporters that investment in road infrastructure and water management needs to be addressed in order to ensure that the island remains a world-famous tourism destination.

He graciously acknowledged the complaints made by some tourists and travel operators and pledged to address the improvements that need to be made. 

Regent Suwirta said that work to improve tourism infrastructure for the greater good of all in Nusa Penisa needs to be a collaborative effort.

He said, “As felt, namely complaints about road infrastructure, congestion, clean water, electricity and many more. We in the regency cannot work alone.”

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The officials visit all of Nusa Penida’s most popular tourist hotspots to investigate where and how improvements can be made for tourists.

They stopped by Kelingking Beach, Pasih Uug, and Angel Billabong. The group also reviewed plans for a new bridge crossing to connect the neighboring islands of Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Lembongan.

Kelingking Beach and clifftop is easily the most famous landmark in Nusa Penida. Utterly breathtaking in more ways than one, not only are the views super impressive, but the walkway down the cliff to the beach is precarious to say the least. 

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Over the last few months, there have been dozens of tragic reports of tourists getting dragged out to sea from Kelingking Beach and Diamond Beach, while other tourists have fallen from the cliff edges at Broken Beach and been injured at Angels Billabong.

As a result of these rare, slowly increasing cases of accidents in Nusa Penida, officials on the island have committed to making the island’s most famous rugged landscapes safer for tourists to experience to the full.

This will include safety barriers and increased signage communicating to tourists where is and isn’t safe to explore.


During the address to the media, Regen Suwirta said, “We thank the Deputy Minister of National Development Planning for wanting to come to Nusa Penida to provide support for this island, which has clearly seen the situation in Nusa Penida firsthand.”

It appears that the move to make Nusa Penida a National Tourism Strategic Area has the full support of the central government, which should mean that progress will happen in good time.


The Deputy Minister of National Development Planning, Ervan Maksum, said that the central government would assist Nusa Penida in accelerating tourism development. 

He pledged support for water, road, and waste management infrastructure, all of which seem unglamorous but are the essential infrastructural elements needed for a high-quality tourism experience.


Maksum said, “We ask for the road-embankment infrastructure problem to be coordinated with each other in handling this. The issue of drinking water and standing water is still being organized so that in the future, all of us will be served clean water.”

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