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This Hidden Natural Landmark In Bali Is A Must-Visit

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Tourists planning their vacation in Bali frequently note how connecting to nature and the natural world is one of the leading reasons why they want to visit the island.

Covered in a tropical jungle, unique agricultural landscapes, and surrounded by azure ocean, getting into nature is an inevitable part of a vacation in Bali. 

Kayu Putih Tabanan Bali.jpg

Whether visiting the rice terraces of Tellalagang or the waterfalls of Munduk, there is natural beauty lying around every corner.

Some of Bali’s landscapes have become so well-known around the world that sites welcome thousands of visitors every single day.

One stunning natural landmark is something of a hidden gem, but one that should not be overlooked.

The Kayu Putih Tree in Tua Village in Tabanan is one of the most impressive and culturally significant trees in Bali.

The giant tree, also known as an ancient banyan tree, holds great spiritual significance to Balinese Hindus. Anyone who has used social media to research where to visit Bali will surely have come across this magical spot. 


pohon kayu putih, desa Tua Tabanan Bali

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The Kayu Putih Tree in Tua Village stands proudly at over 50m in height and is believed to be over 700 years old.

The tree is older than many of Bali’s temples and is treated as a living shrine. Tourists visiting the tree must dress modestly and wear a sarong as they would when visiting a temple. 

What makes the Kayu Putih so special is the wide, sprawling entanglement of roots that support the giant trunk structure.

Many people say they feel a sense of calm and connectedness when they stand in the tree’s presence.

Most tourists spend just under an hour exploring the gnarly roots and taking time to sit quietly and observe the tree in all its glory.

Visits to the Kayu Putih in Tua Village are increasing, much to the delight of the local tourism managers who want to see more people visit the site and learn about traditional Balinese culture.

Visitors to the tree are accompanied by local guides who are all too happy to share the incredible story of the tree, the neighboring temple, and Tua Village. 

Tour guide Made Kurna Wijaya told reporters that the tree once formed a key role in the Perean Kingdom.

The tree and Babakan Temple are believed to be rooted in the Perean Kingdom, a civilization that lived in Bali around the 13th century AD.

@exploring_yukari インドネシアのバリ島。観光地から離れてひっそりした場所にある木。 地元の人たちを、守ってるみたいな存在。  #バリ島 #海外旅行 #自然 #インドネシア #bali #travel #nature #indinesia ♬ We Are Truth – East Forest & Ram Dass

Wijaya explained “He, I Gusti Ngurah Bayan, wanted to meditate to improve the irrigation of rice fields in the Kayu Putih area now. Because it was granted, the Babakan Temple was founded. This is based on information from our panglingsir.”

Both priests and the local community have stories that share how during the collapse of the kingdom precious heirlooms including drums and gongs were buried at the base of the tree for safekeeping.

Now, on holy days, gongs and drumming can be heard emanating from the tree. 

@exploring_yukari インドネシアのバリ島。観光地から離れてひっそりした場所にある木。 地元の人たちを、守ってるみたいな存在。  #バリ島 #海外旅行 #自然 #インドネシア #bali #travel #nature #indinesia ♬ We Are Truth – East Forest & Ram Dass

Speaking to reporters Wijaya explained that visits to Kayu Putih are increasing with international tourists.

Travel data shows that tourists have a clear appetite for learning about Balinese history and culture during their visits to the island, in addition to enjoying beach resorts and the island’s nightlife scene. 

Wijaya explained that Kayu Putih is an independently managed tourism attraction, it has not been supported by the regency government like other attractions in Tabanan like Tanah Lot.

He noted that money generated from tourist donations goes towards the upkeep of the grounds and preservation work on the ancient temple. 


For those with a keen eye on the news, the Kayu Putih may already be familiar but for very different reasons.

Earlier this year an expat in Bali posted photos of herself posing naked within the roots of the Kayu Putih in Tua Village.

Since the tree is considered to be part of the sacred temple, this caused huge offense to communities across Bali.

The woman was subsequently deported and the temple management team increased their security around the site and more readily supervised tourists who came to visit the tree. 


The Kayu Putih Tree (Wisata Kayu Putih on GoogleMaps) is open to the public from 7 am until 5 p.m. every day of the week; though the temple and grounds are occasionally closed to the public on festival days.

There is no entry fee but donations are gratefully received and are invested into conserving the temple and grounds.

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Thursday 19th of October 2023

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I'm sure it won't leave them annoyed at Bali and feeling taken advantage of by the beautiful local people, most of whom will never see one Rupiah of the money.


Wednesday 18th of October 2023

A note to the relevant authorities.

The huge Russian influx is not doing this island any good. They refuse to get along with other people. They are stealing your jobs and will continue to do that. That's how they operate. Not one person I know likes having them here, and that's a lot of people from all over the world. If you continue to allow young Russians to live here permanently you will end up with all Russians. Nobody else.


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What do you think? Is the tree in the middle of the Lovina market bigger? I think it is.