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Temporary Closure of Sky Garden Bali Ordered As Officials Investigate Reopening

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Just days after reopening its doors, the Sky Garden Bali nightclub and lounge in Kuta has been temporarily closed down again by officials. Pending a review of business licenses and permits on Tuesday, the 27th, and Wednesday, the 28th of December, the venue’s future hangs in the balance. Despite the investigation from the Bali Civil Service (Saptol PP), the nightclub is continuing to advertise upcoming events, including this Wednesday’s Ladies’ Night. 

Women Dance At Bali Nightclub

Speaking to reporters after Monday evening’s site visit, the Head of the Bali Provincial Satpol PP, Dewa Nyoman Rai Dharmadim, explained that his teams had visited the venue after hearing about the reopening. He confirmed that the venue had been told to stop business activities until the permit investigation was completed.

He said, “We have monitored it, and we told them to stop their activities there temporarily. They will also verify their permits [on Tuesday] to Badung Regency and on Wednesday to the Province”.

When asked whether any evidence of permits and licenses has been given to the authorities for the business owners, Dharmadim said, “[they’re] only showing evidence via WhatsApp… for bar permits, operational permits, alcoholic beverage permits, nightclubs are there”.

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He explained that the coordination of the investigation might take time as some permits are granted by the regency and others by the provincial government. At the time of speaking to the reporters, Dharmadim said that the investigation into the changing of the PT name is in the hands of the regency teams.

He said, “Today we are temporarily closing, we suggest temporarily stopping activities because we have not been able to provide the complete permits earlier”.

According to its website, Sky Garden Bali is “a revolutionary company that will take you into the glitter and splendor of the night to enjoy and remember for many years to come.. Sky Garden Bali is appointed to be the biggest and most visited nightclub in Indonesia. The best nightclub in Bali is offering a lot of allurements and tantalizing features and entertainment.”

While some clubbers may have considered Sky Garden Bali the island’s best nightclub before its closure in 2019, the nightlife ecosystem has changed dramatically in the last few years. Other venues have not only upped their game but have set new trends. Much of the party crowd who visit Bali are steering clear of Kuta. Canggu has firmly become the party capital of the island, with nightclubs and beach clubs offering all the experiences and headline acts partygoers could ask for.


In fact, 2022 saw Canggu the focus of another investigation by the civil authorities as residents and some tourists complained about the noise levels permeating from the dozens of nighttime entertainment venues.

Due to this shift in focus, many tourism businesses in Kuta are undergoing a period of reflection and are restrategizing to entice tourists back to the classic beachside destination.

beach with tourists on it looking out at the ocean

On the Sky Garden Bali’s website, the about section describes the venue with the heading ‘old space, new stories’ though this week’s news suggests history is repeating itself.

The nightclub was closed down by authorities on 17th August 2019. The shutdown was ordered in light of criminal charges such as fraud and operating without sufficient licenses. Police said that the venue had been served a number of warnings to get their affairs in order but had failed to comply.


It later came to light, in March 2022, that PT Sky Bali held tax and supplier debts totaling IDR 31,347,215,247 (USD 2 million). It was reported that “in order to avoid paying taxes and debts to suppliers, shareholders were previously suspected of adopting a pattern of changing clothes. The people are the same but make a different PT”.

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Friday 30th of December 2022

Yep, Canggu the hotspot and a complete dogs breakfast,a place to avoid at all times.


Thursday 29th of December 2022

Sky garden isn't a beach club only a night club.

Try not to look like your forcing people to choose .

Wayan Bo

Wednesday 28th of December 2022

By new law: 4 married couples only.


Wednesday 28th of December 2022

"It later came to light, in March 2022, that PT Sky Bali held tax and supplier debts totaling IDR 31,347,215,247 (USD 2 million)."

So why is the club allowed to open again? If they are not paying taxes; then Bali gov. to confiscate the property and sell it to cover the unpaid taxes. This is normal procedure in other countries, so why not here?

So this should not be a Satpol PP issue but a criminal issue taken care of by the police. Oh wait...


Wednesday 28th of December 2022