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Bali Beach Club Claims Noise Complaints Are Just A Sign Of Jealousy

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Indonesian celebrity and Atlas Beach Club co-founder has spoken out about noise complaints against the Bali venue. The TV lawyer has spoken to reports for the first time following noise complaints about Canggu’s latest beach club venue. He claims that the complaints were triggered by jealousy from other businesses in the area. 

Entrance To Bali Atlas Beach Fest Club In Canggu.

Speaking to reporters at Atlas Beach Club on Thursday, 20th October, Hotman Paris told reporters that the beach club area in Canggu is now synonymous with noise and that that kind of disturbance was happening regularly even before his venue opened. He said, ‘If it’s noise, it’s called an area beach club. Yes, there is noise, our neighbors have also endured noisy years. Why is it that foreigners who are noisy are not reprimanded?’

Suggesting there is a discrepancy between the authorities’ treatment of local businesses and foreign-owned businesses is the kind of bold move only the country’s popular TV lawyer personality could pull off. He continued to say, ‘It’s the foreigners who complain. It’s been noisy next to us. From 3 pm to night, the music is buzzing everywhere…indeed, if there is a new growth [namely Atlas Beach Club], it will feel competitive, it is natural that someone will sneer. In fact, on the beach, the sound of the waves is greater than the sound of music’.

He then made sarcastic comments suggesting that the complaints were a form of jealousy from neighboring, foreign-owned Finns Beach Club.

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Complaints about noise in Canggu gathered plenty of attention in recent weeks. A petition against the noise levels in the area went viral and even landed on the desks of the provincial government. During investigations around complaints of noise and other potential legal violations, specifically at Atlas Beach Club, it was found that the new venue opened before the relevant authorities had granted sufficient business permits. Atlas Beach Club and the Bali Civil Service came to a ‘good faith’ agreement whereby they could stay open and operational while permits and licenses were completed. 

The more general noise complaints about Canggu led the Bali Provincial Government to place a noise limit on venues. Now entertainment venues in the area have a sound limit of 70 decibels though it is widely acknowledged that this is not always adhered to. Speaking to reporters on the days after the new rules were put into place, Finns Beach Club, Facility Director Wirjawan, issued a statement. 


He said, ‘[this is not a loss] it is actually an advantage, with this issue we will grow better. The solution is very good for our togetherness. We at Finns are already closed [at 1 am]…The volume, it depends; we’re still working on it’. Atlas Beach Club also issued a statement confirming they would cooperate with authorities on the matter. The Public Relations Officer for Atlas said, ‘Surely we respect and follow what is directed by the government. Later, there will be socialization [meetings] first; there, we will learn together. We must obey’. 


Hotman Paris is in Bali celebrating his 63rd birthday. To celebrate another spin around the sun, the TV personality and businessman held a party at Atlas for hundreds of orphanage children, disabled, and cancer survivors. 

In a speech, he expressed his gratitude for the attendees and hoped everyone enjoyed their time there. He offered some wisdom to the children saying, ‘You have to achieve success because everything needs hard work; if you fail, get up again. You have to have guts because guts are the key to success’. 


He took the opportunity to tell reporters about the scope of the Atlas enterprise, stating that the venue will continue to make a valuable contribution to local people and the local economy. He said, ‘There are around 1,500 workers who live from here, so we ask all parties to support it; besides having an impact on tourism in Bali, it also makes a big contribution to the local government’.

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Friday 28th of October 2022

This place caters to a younger crowd (foreign and locals) not for the middle age and elderly people. This is Ibiza in Southeast Asia. What do you expect...bachelor, bachelorette and fraternity style parties will congregate where the happening crowd would be. So whoever may have invested a villa or living in Canggu area, perhaps the time to use earplugs or move out before it's too late.


Tuesday 25th of October 2022

I guess this is Bali 3.0 or 4.0 ... big tacky developments popping up everywhere (Parq Ubud, Atlas Beach Club etc) all in the pursuit of the 'high value' tourist (not those scruffy backpackers).


Wednesday 26th of October 2022

Huge Bali Icon planned at Sanur beach. A larger Kuta Beachwalk type mall. Will look really run down and tired after a few years in the tropical sun with the usual lack of upkeep.

Alan Tweedale

Monday 24th of October 2022

There is a difference between fact and fiction. Before Atlas there was never so much noise that we couldn't sleep. The volume of the "music" was so much greater than before and anyone, especially with small children would dread the night time. To play the race card is poor form and reflects poorly on this spokesperson who gained celebrity status exactly how?


Tuesday 25th of October 2022

He is an Indonesian laywer. Just google "hotman paris bling bling" and look at the images.


Monday 24th of October 2022

Foreigners loves Bali for the tradition, nature, culture. Building mega hotels, disco club, Hollywood beaches and road to nowhere had broken the magic. Who is going to pay for the damage?


Monday 24th of October 2022

Finn's management need to be made to stay in accommodation near your establishment and see if you are happy not getting sleep for several nights in a row.Dont be so insulting mass boycott could be the answer