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Bali Beach Clubs Vow To Co-operate With Authorities Over Canggu Noise Complaints

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Bali’s leading beach club venues have vowed to cooperate with local authorities following noise complaints and a public petition. Earlier this week, an online petition and open letter to industry and government leaders in Bali went viral. The complaints included late-night noise, drunken and disorderly behavior, and disrespect to local spiritual landmarks.

Ariel View Of Finns Beach Club In Day Time In Bali Canggu

The petition quickly caught the attention of local leaders and, since going live, has massed over 8,000 signatures. On Wednesday, 14th September, an urgent meeting was held at the Bali Province Civil Service Offices. The meeting lasted two and a half hours and, in its conclusion, noted solutions and action steps to resolve the issues.

The Head of the Bali Province Civil Service, the Head of the Bali Tourism Office, the Head of the Environmental Agency, and traditional community leaders from Canggu and the surrounding villages attended the meeting.

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Leaders concluded that urgent action must be taken, including site visits and spot checks starting on Friday 16th September. The civil service and the police will be visiting beach clubs, nightclubs, bars, and other venues, making noise disturbances in the area.

The Head of the Bali Province Civil Service, Dewa Nyoman Rai Dharmadi, set the new rules out clearly for business owners. He said, ‘We cannot immediately close the place of business. The foremost thing to do is carry out guidance to build a joint commitment to the improvement and development of tourism in Bali because Bali depends on the tourism sector’.

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With this in mind, ‘The decibel limit for sound is 70 decibels outdoors, and the maximum opening time is 01:00 WITA. That’s a maximum of all kinds of [venues]’ Dharmadi confirmed. Since this announcement, Canggu’s leading beach clubs have come forward to vow their cooperation with the new rules.

The public relations officer for newcomer to the scene, Atlas Beach Fest and Beach Club told reporters, ‘Surely we respect and follow what is directed by the government. Later, there will be socialization [meetings] first, there, we will learn together. We must obey’.

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Speaking on behalf of Finns Beach Club, Facility Director Wirjawan, said that the new rules benefited the business operations. Wirjawan explained, ‘[this is not a loss] it is actually an advantage, with this issue we will grow better. The solution is very good for our togetherness. We at Finns are already closed [at 1am}’. When asked about issues regarding the noise level, Wirjawan said, ‘The volume, it depends, we’re still working on it.


While Atlas and Finns are likely the first names that spring to mind when thinking about Canggu’s beach club offering, dozens more venues must comply with the new noise limits and closing times. Venues like Vault, Sand Bar, The Lawn, and other popular venues will be subject to spot checks.

Authorities have not listed specific venues that they will visit but have confirmed that they will respond to all noise complaints. Holidaymakers, short-term residents, and Canggu locals have been told to report noise complaints to the local police or the civil service.


Many people in the Canggu area have expressed their relief that action has been taken, while others fear that it is too little too late. Canggu has grown exponentially in recent years. The area has been catapulted from being a relaxed surfer hideaway and small coastal community to a fully-fledged party capital. Noise complaints are not the only issues coming to the surface in Canggu.

In recent months politicians have requested more funds from the provincial government to upgrade infrastructure like roads and drains to accommodate the ever-increasing number of people residing in the area.

Bali Beach Club For Tourists At Nighttime

Despite the issues that are hitting the headlines, Canggu remains Bali’s new party capital and shows no sign of slowing down. Beach clubs are bringing in tens of thousands of travelers from all over the world every month. The area has everything that many young, adventurous travelers are looking for. A world-class party scene, affordable accommodation, exceptional culinary culture, amazing beaches, and an increasingly international community to dive into.

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Monday 19th of September 2022

Whatever happens in Canggu stays in Canggu.


Sunday 18th of September 2022

Beaches are among the worst tropical ones ever seen, resto are average, alcohol cost 3 times Indochina, noises are normal EVERYWHERE in Bali, anarchy and overprice is the only Karma of that island of hell.


Monday 19th of September 2022

@Tony, fortunately more and more people are waking up and starting to realize this.


Saturday 17th of September 2022

Simple, a 3 step process. A warning given in writing. A follow up with a hefty fine if there's another breach Another cancel the operating licence, don't let it be transferred and make any new owner apply for building, usage and booze licences. No appeals or challenges allowed.


Sunday 18th of September 2022

I regret to inform you that this is not an egalitarian society.


Sunday 18th of September 2022

@Shorty, Will not work. Revenue paid to the government depends on the income of the business no matter what it is. Shut them down and there will be no revenue for the government. Taxes are what makes the government run, and they will not shoot themselves in the foot.


Saturday 17th of September 2022

1. Last year noise complaints Black Mamba nightclub in Sanur: a) Satpol PP measured noise to around 65dBA outside the nightclub lobby. b) I measured noise to around 55-60dBA outside my villa 70 meter away.c c) So all ok according to Satpol PP. d) However, inside the bedroom it was unbearable, around 50-55dBA with loud thump-thump bass sound making it impossible to relax or sleep! Without music the noise level would be <25dBA! e) Clear evidence that noise regulation is not fit for purpose and in favour of the entertainment venues!

2. Indonesia regulation actually refers to 55dBA limit in residential area. Again not very strict. In Australia often a limit of 35dBA is applied which is perfectly reasonable.

3. Hence mixing entertainment venues into residential areas like here in Bali is therefore a disaster with noise pollution from one single venue affecting people kilometers away: - Loudspeakers are often located outdoor with 360 degree radiation! - Most villas are having brick walls, but roofs are not insulated at all!


Sunday 18th of September 2022

@Exp, exactly right. I have measured 70dB insider bedroom about 50m from a club in Seminyak. Absolutely impossible to sleep.

The buildings themselves are totally crap quality. Everything is the same with thin brick walls, one pane of glass, no insulation on the doors and window frames, etc. It's so low quality, while asked prices are higher than in many western countries. It's ridiculous.


Saturday 17th of September 2022

Quote "Bali’s leading beach club venues have vowed to cooperate with local authorities following noise complaints and a public petition."

One year ago in Sanur, complaints against loud music from Black Mamba nightclub ended up with similar action: Large meeting with community leaders, Satpol etc and management of large Bali entertainment venues.

Today, one year later, Black Mamba club is still operating more or less as before. And there are a lot of noise complaints in Canggu.

It is clear that actions taken with 'big mediation meetings' is not effective. Most owners just don't care and are either well connected or hire well connected people as part of their ownership/management. Problem solved.

The community need to stand together and push against these venues taking over huge areas with their noise and traffic problems. The 'noise regulations' are very liberal and not strict enough for areas mixed with housing/villas.


Sunday 18th of September 2022

@Exp, All of these regulations will be useless if they aren't being adhered to by the club owners. Never mind the noise on your eardrums, the jingle in the cash register is sweeter.