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Bali Locals Continue To Ride Motorbikes On Sidewalks Risking The Lives Of Pedestrians

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There are still people out there that just don’t get it. Hopefully it doesn’t take them killing someone before it finally clicks. 

Motorcycle riders continue to take short cuts by using pedestrian sidewalks to go around traffic. They are willing to put pedestrian lives at risk just so they can get to their destination a few minutes quicker. 

In a video captured on Denpasar Now, it’s yet another perfect example of complete disregard for safety by scooter drivers. 

The Bali local in the video actually has to move out of the way and wait for scooters to pass just so he can safely use the sidewalk.  

scooter on sitdewalks

Time and time again I’ve had to dodge out of the way of an oncoming scooter that has hopped the curb to drive on the sidewalk. Even worse they look at me like I’m the idiot for getting in their way. 

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