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Officials Set Date For Introduction Of New Bali Tourism Tax

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Bali’s new tourism tax has been a hot topic of conversation this year. Officials have now confirmed the date that the new tax will be introduced for all international visitors to Bali.

For some, the day is a day of love and romance, but in Bali this year, it’ll be the day to pay.

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That’s right, Bali’s new tourism tax will be introduced on the 14th of February 2024. Speaking to reporters, the Head of the Bali Tourism Department, Tjok Bagus Pemayun, has confirmed that the new levy will be formally in place earlier than first anticipated. 

The tourism tax will cost IDR 150,000 per person per visit to Bali, approx USD 10. This includes children. So, if tourists arrive in Bali and then catch the fast boat to the Gili Islands and Lombok or nip across to East Java and then return to Bali, they will have to pay the fee once again when they arrive back on the island.

It could eventually be the case that the IDR 150,000 fee is valid for a set period of time, say 30 days, but no officials have suggested this will be the case. So far, it seems the tax will be applicable on a per-visit basis.

This won’t be the case for travelers visiting Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Ceningan since the three islands are part of Bali Province. 

@thehonest.travellers Here’s the itinerary we followed during our 30 days in Bali & Lombok 🇮🇩🙌🏼 We wanted to do the boats/island hopping in the middle to avoid any stress right before our outbound flight (as we’ve heard many stories of boats being cancelled due to weather, etc.). That’s why we saw Nusa Penida, Lombok & Gili Islands before Canggu & Uluwatu ☺️ We loved every place so much ❤️ but we still have a lot more to see especially in north & east Bali, so we’re looking forward to our next time there 🙌🏼🇮🇩 What’s your favourite area in Bali? 👀👇🏼 ES: aquí esta el itinerario que seguimos durante nuestros 30 días en Bali & Lombok 🇮🇩🙌🏼 Quisimos ir a las islas en barco en mitad de los 30 días para evitar ningún estrés justo antes del vuelo de salida (ya que hemos oído historias de barcos que se cancelan por el tiempo, etc.). Por eso vimos Nusa Penida, Lombok & las islas Gili antes que Canggu & Uluwatu ☺️ Cada sitio nos gustó tanto ❤️ pero todavía nos queda mucho por ver, sobre todo en el norte y el este de Bali, así que ya tenemos ganas de ir otra vez 🙌🏼🇮🇩 ¿Cuál es tu parte favorita de Bali? 👀👇🏼 #traveltiktok #bali #indonesia #traveltips #balitrip #beautifulbali #baliitinerary #itinerary #wanderlust #traveltheworldwithme #travelfun #travelwithus #travelwithme #viajes #viajestiktok #viajar ♬ I've Got a Feelin' – Macy Todd

This is because the tourism tax is a local, provincial tax. The legislation is in the process of being signed off by the Provincial Government and the relevant authorities at the central government.

Tourists who arrive in Indonesia via other cities, for example, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Medan, or Labuan Bajo, and then fly domestically into Bali will also have to pay their tourism tax on arrival at I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport domestic terminal if they arrive on or after 14th February 2024. 

The tourism tax is a fee that will be introduced alongside the existing IDR 500,000 fee for the 30-day visa on arrival.

Since the tourism tax is a provincial levy and the VOA fee is a levy for the Ministry of Immigration, the payments will have to be made separately.

Officials are already ahead of the game. Aware of the long queues that can sometimes develop at peak times at Bali Airport, systems are already being established to ensure that paying the tourism tax won’t eat into that all-important vacation time. 

It has already been confirmed that the IDR 150,000 must be paid in Indonesian Rupiah, but international cards will be accepted for payment.

The Provincial Government has signed a partnership deal with BRI Bank to ensure that the process is quick and easy.

Speaking last week, Pemayun told the media that the payment will take just 23 seconds to process. Tourists will be able to pay their IDR 150,000 on a card upon arrival at Bali Airport.

At least 20 officers will be on duty to process payments before tourists proceed to the immigration line.

Though Bali lovers have already shared their opinions online, many fear that the new tourism tax pavement system will invariably encounter queues on a regular basis, especially since over 18,000 people are arriving in Bali by flight on average every day.


Officials have suggested that tourists will eventually be able to pay their IDR 150,000 tax online before arriving in Bali, though they have not confirmed whether this system will be up and running by the time 14th February comes around. 

The Director General of Immigration, Silmy Karim, has been vocal about his desire to ensure that the immigration payment system in Indonesia is fully digitized.

Speaking during his appointment as Directorate General earlier this year, Karim said that he wanted to see Indonesia become the gold standard for immigration services around the world. 


Though no budget breakdown has been published regarding how and where funds generated by the tourism tax will be spent, officials have confirmed that revenue will be used to ‘preserve the environment, nature, and culture as well as improving quality’.

view of field in bali

The Acting Governor of Bali, Sang Made Mahendra Jaya, has said that he wants to see the first chunk of revenue generated by the tourism tax to be used to tackle waste management.

Though long term, how the funds are spent will ultimately be decided by the next Governor and his government following the 2024 elections. 

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Mr Bear Snr

Friday 6th of October 2023

Thousands of Tourists who come to Explore all of Indonesia get 60 Day Visas and use Bali as their Arrival and Departure point. They will go else where when confronted with 150,000Rp each at Ngurah Rai, another 150,000Rp each for a trip to Lombok to visit The King of Bali's Summer Palace etc. Another 150,000Rp each when they go to Flores to see The Komodos. Another 150,000Rp each when they go to Gili Air for a break from the Bali Bogans and Another 150,000Rp each when they fly to Yogyakarta to visit The Hindu Temples etc. Guaranteed The Van Loads of Javanese Families coming to Bali for Ramadan holidays Via Ketapank to Gilimanuk Ferry won't be coughing up 150,000Rp each for their families of 8. The TOURIST TAX MUST be INCLUDED in YOUR VISA, for the length of the Visa so there is a DIGITAL RECORD that can't be lost or stolen. Yet another Tourist Rip-Off Scam. Tourists to Vietnam don't have to put up with all this Bureacratic whatsoever and a Cattleyard Airport setup. Vietnam Visa is Cheaper, Flights from Australia are now cheaper than Bali and the cost of Food and Accomodation is 1/3 of Bali's prices.


Wednesday 4th of October 2023

So people with a kitas won't have to pay tourist tax, right?


Friday 6th of October 2023

Not sure yet. In the olden days a KITAS holder paid local rates on everything. No the trend is that KITAS holders are lumped with tourists and shall pay tourist prices for everything despite being liable for Indonesian taxes when staying more than 6 months. Greed has no bounds.


Wednesday 4th of October 2023

Is this tax for all international arrivals including Indonesian citizens? And what about domestic travellers? Are the Jakarta people to be charged on entry?


Friday 6th of October 2023

@Dman, No tourist tax for Indonesians (who are voters). This is to fleece the foreigners.


Wednesday 4th of October 2023

There are so many fees foreigners pay in Bali (same as in Nusa Penida) everywhere: to enter to any famous location and extra payment to click a photo there. Even if I want a photo by the waterfall I have to pay twice (entrance + photo taking) and a lot of this in Bali but where the money go? The roads become more worst, no traffic control. In Nusa Penida we spend a lot of money for all photo sights but why the roads are so bad? You make billions $ with thousands of tourists daily, why not to invest the money to improve conditions for these tourists? Of case the greed of government in Bali never stops to amaze but at least spend the money on improvement? Every year Bali becomes more expensive but the conditions worst and worst.


Tuesday 3rd of October 2023

So can you pay by cash or not?? That’s the question with until now NO ANSWER!!