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Officials Say Bali Will Reach Tourism Targets This Year As New Data Is Revealed

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Officials in Bali have revealed that the island is on track to not only fulfill but likely surpass tourism targets this year.

This comes as welcome news to tourism businesses on the island who are still feeling the economic impacts of the pandemic. 

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In a statement released earlier this week, the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) for the Province of Bali said that the provincial government’s target of bringing in 4.5 million foreign tourists in 2023 to the Island of the Gods is on track to be met by the end of the year. 

Data specialist, Made Agus Adnyana for the BPS Bali told reporters that the trends are moving in the right direction, despite arrival numbers for 2023 so far being lower than for the equivalent period in 2019. 

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He explained, “If you look at the potential for 4.5 million foreign tourists, [it is definitely] there, even though compared to March 2019, there is still a difference, and it is lower. But it seems there has been a recovery trend, and there have been many flights from abroad to Bali,”

The data reveals that Bali welcomed 1,026,367 international arrivals between January and March 2023. Though Adnyana shared his concern that economic turmoil around the world, and the availability of flights, are very real threats to Bali’s tourism targets. 

He added, “If there is another problem outside, especially later in America, inflation will increase, and it will affect the arrival of foreign tourists”. 

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Nevertheless, the Head of BPS Bali Endang Retno Sri Subiyandani remains optimistic. In a press statement, Subiyandani shared, “The number of foreign tourist visits in March 2023 was 370,832 visits. This condition increased compared to the previous month by 14.59 percent.”

“So from 2022 [the improvement] looks quite significant. We pray together that we can get even better,”

The Head of the Central Statistics Agency for Indonesia, Margo Yuwono, told the press that the tourism trends nationwide are heading in the right direction. 

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During a press conference in Jakarta on Tuesday, 2nd May, she said: “The number of foreign tourist visits has continued to increase since last year, but when compared to before the pandemic, conditions in 2023 have not returned to pre-pandemic levels. “

The data shared by the Central Statistics Agency breaks down international arrivals number by demographic. Travelers from Australia, India, and Russia dominated the international arrivals data. 


It’s been reported that most foreign tourists to Bali in the first three months of the year hailed from Australia, totaling 260,137, followed by India at 77,878 people.

Travelers from Russia came in third place, with 53,628 arrivals between January and March. 

Foreign tourists from Singapore are ranked fourth with 49,987 visits. Meanwhile, foreign tourists from China only had 30,619 visits, at number ten.


It wouldn’t be unreasonable for a tourist new to Bali to think that the island doesn’t want international visitors, especially if reading the news headline over the last few months.

While the dialogue around how to deal with a small minority of unruly tourists continues, it is clear that Bali is still eager to hit its ambitious international tourism targets in 2023. 

Last year the Indonesian Minister for Tourism and Creative Economies, Sandiaga Uno, announced that he wants the country to welcome 7.4 million international tourists in 2023, the vast majority of which would be received by Bali. 


Speaking at the time of the announcement of the year ahead targets, Minister Uno said the numbers could “can be achieved if the focus is on two strengths, namely nature, and culture. In addition, tourists with a special interest in ecotourism, spiritual tourism, and religious tourism”. 

As Bali continues to welcome international tourists, work remains underway to produce a good tourist guidebook.

Officials on the island are hopeful that the resource will go a long way in helping tourists understand what is expected of them during their visit and as a way of helping them make the most of their time on the island. 

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Sunday 7th of May 2023

In other news 6 May: quote "Gov. Koster stated:

1. "He is unhappy with the increasing number of tourists who flouted the rules and disrespected the local culture as Bali was recovering from the pandemic.

2. We will no longer welcome mass tourism. We will restrict [tourist numbers] by implementing a quota system.

3. One possible quota system would require foreign tourists to register a year before their planned visit to Bali, and wait for their turn to be granted entry.

4. If there is a quota, then people will have to queue. Those who want to come next year, can sign up from now. That’s the system we want to apply.

5. If we let this go on, then we will only attract cheap tourists who maybe just eat nasi bungkus, rent motorbikes and break [traffic laws], and, lastly, steal from ATMs."

So what will give: Increase or decrease number of tourists?


Saturday 6th of May 2023

They had plenty of time during the "pandemic" to prepare and anticipate and yet here they are...


Saturday 6th of May 2023

Great news...more trash, noise, pollution, beach clubs, traffic, primitive tourists etc.

Good for Bali.