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Not Wearing A Mask In Bali Is Now Illegal and Punishable By Fines

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People caught not wearing a mask outside their home in Bali will now be fined Rp. 100 thousand.

Governor Koster signed a new decree on Wednesday that made not wearing a mask illegal in public.

Woman in bali holding indonesia flag

Fines will be even tougher for businesses that do not enforce the new law with their employees. If a business is caught with employees not wearing masks, they will face an initial fine of Rp. 1 million. Subsequent violations could result in the business temporarily losing their operating licence and being forced to close. 

Bali locals in masks at temple

According to the Governor, masks are now mandatory outside of the home.

“From now on an administrative fine of Rp. 100 thousand for those who do not use masks while on the move and doing activities outside the home,” said Koster at the Jayasabha Building, Denpasar, on Wednesday (26/8).

Bali police giver foreigner mask

The new law will also apply to everyone including foreigners and tourists visiting Bali. 

“I think this is what we need to socialize in order to provide understanding to the community. To give a spirit to make people aware of order and discipline for the good of all of us,” Koster explained.


must wear mask

According to Governor Koster, the new law was a direct order from the Indonesian President, Joko Widodo.

This is an instruction from the President and the Minister of Home Affairs as outlined in a Governor Regulation,” he concluded.

market traders wearing masks and shields

Local village officials will also add sanctions as necessary as seen earlier this year when some residents were forced to do push-ups when they were caught not wearing a mask. 

push ups not wearing masks

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