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No Queues Or Crowds At Must-Visit Bali Attractions In Low Season

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When on vacation, everyone wants at least a few moments of peace and quiet, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, and a little space away from those who are enjoying their own vacation in a loud and proud kind of way. 

Nunggalan Beach in South Bali.jpg

Bali is a destination that offers everything to everyone all at once.

Although some of the most popular attractions see crowds of tourists every day, there are just as many (if not more) destinations that are free from crowds and queues almost all the time.

There are few destinations in Bali that are seeing no queues and no crowds this low season.

As the low season will linger on for the next couple of months, tourists can add these to the itinerary for a guaranteed (almost) crowd-free day out. 

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Pinggan Village is a real hidden gem in the heart of Kintamani. The village easily offers the best sunrise views over Mount Batur, ideal for those who don’t want to set the alarm for stupid-o-clock to hike to the summit of the volcano.

Sitting 1,246m above sea level, the quaint and quiet village of Pinggan has retained all of its traditional charm even as tourism has crept in.

There are a few viewing spots that have been created by the local community and a few cute family-run homestays and guesthouses, too. 

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If you’re looking for mountain vibes, forested escape, and a taste of real village life in Bali, Pinggan Village is the place for you to retreat from the crowds.

Perhaps the biggest appeal of Pinggan Village is its close proximity to Kintamani itself. Head back down the valley and up onto the ridge, and within a few minutes, tourists can be in the coffee shop capital of Bali, sipping on a freshly brewed flat white overlooking the glistening Lake Batur. 

Want to go chasing waterfalls? Look no further than Suwat Waterfall. Located in the heart of Suwat Village, the waterfall can be reached via a short walk through the jungle along a well-maintained trail. It is safe to swim at Suwat Waterfall, and there are public showers to rinse off and get changed before you leave. 

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Suwat Waterfall can be reached within a 30-minute drive of central Ubud, and to avoid the few other visitors, be sure to visit in the early morning or late afternoon.

Mid-morning to mid-afternoon is when the flurry of visitors drops by in the low season. For a full day of waterfalls and wild swimming, add on a stop-off at Taman Sari Waterfall & Natural Pool.

It is the perfect picnic spot, and there are seldom crowds of tourists hanging out here; just a few locals come to enjoy the pools, but more so at the weekends and public holidays. 

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For the beach babies seeking a people-free shoreline, then it has to be Nunggalan Beach.

The beach went viral on social media a few years ago, and although it put the stretch of coastline on the tourist map, it hasn’t resulted in the cove becoming overrun with tourists. 


Nunggalan Beach is perhaps best known for the partial shipwreck that sits on the shoreline.

Now covered in rust and graffiti, the shipwreck makes for a great photoshoot location.

Part of the reason why Nunggalan Beach is often free from tourists is because it’s a bit of a mission to access it.

Aerial view of Nunggalan beach in Uluwatu Bali, Indonesia

Tourists should be mindful of wearing proper shoes and leaving plenty of time to hike back up the winding cliffside trail before the sun sets, as there are no lights on the pathway, and the phone signal isn’t great to make an emergency call if you get stranded.

That being said, Nunggalan Beach is a safe and secluded place to explore; simply be careful on the hike down and keep an eye on the time. 

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Rajesh Kapoor

Thursday 29th of February 2024

Recently I visited Bali and stayed there for 10 days. I don't find any special attraction there how ever Our country has much much better and beautiful tourist places but alas not property developed,no infrastructure developed there and people try to fleece tourists especially foreigners

Sreejit banerjee

Friday 1st of March 2024

@Rajesh Kapoor, Exactly so. Even a place like Goa is loosing attraction because of it being so expensive & lack of infrastructure. Unbelievable that even today ,you cant avail a radio taxi / Ola / Uber and has to depend on local taxis who charges almost double . The money is going to politicians & mafias that control the place .You get much better facilities at much better rates if you travel anywhere in SE Asia.