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Popular Bali Tourist Temple Will Be Closed For The Next 5 Days

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Tourists planning vacations in Bali next month should prepare for a few changes in the normal order of things in the coming weeks.

As preparations begin for the Nyepi festival and Galungan festivities remain underway, some temples are closing to tourists.


One of the most significant temples to close its doors to tourists over the coming days is Lempuyang Temple in Karangasem.

Also known as the Gates of Heaven Temple, Lempuyang Temple will be reserved for Balinese Hindu ceremonies from 28th February until 3rd March.

The closure is because there will be a pujawali or piodalan ceremony held at Lempuyang Temple for the next five days

The Head of Purawayu Village, where Lempuyang Temple is situated, Nyoman Jati, told reporters, “There are a lot of people who will come to pray at Lempuyang Temple, sometimes even overflowing. There are people from all over Bali and even outside Bali. So we have to postpone tourist visits.”

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Jati added, “I hope that tourists will understand this closure because we will, of course, prioritize prayers over tourist visits. So that there will be no build-up [of people] during the pujawali.”

He concluded, “I hope that the entire pujawali series at Lempuyang Temple can run safely and smoothly without any obstacles.”

Temple management across Bali is always keen to ensure that everyone is kept well informed about closures, changes in ticket prices, and opening hours, especially since there have been instances in the past where tourists become incredibly angry and irate when they have been denied entry to a temple they have traveled to see because a ceremony is underway.

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Ceremony will always be the top priority in Bali, and this is one of the reasons tourists travel to the island: the traditional and spiritual way of life remains so strong. 

This closure is just one of the ways in which Bali is making sure that the preservation of culture comes as a priority above tourism.

There are plenty of incredible temples that will remain open to tourists over the next five days.

Those who were planning to visit Lempuyang Temple should either reschedule until after the 3rd of March or, if shot on time, consider visiting another of Bali’s hugely significant temples. 

@lindycarbajosaliboon Day 1 of Tour in Bali, Indonesia (Part 1) 📍Lempuyang Temple- or known as The Gate of Heaven, located in East Bali at Karangasem City. A must add in your Bali bucketlist. -entrance fee 55,000 idr and 45,000 for thr bus going up. #lempuyangtemple #temple #balitemple #indonesia #travel #traveltiktok #travelvlogger #wanderer #baliindonesia ♬ original sound – 🦋🦋Lindy 🦋🦋 – wanderLindy

Pura Besakih, also known as the Mother Temple, remains open for tourists, as does Uluwatu Temple and Tanah Lot.

For tourists planning a visit to Lempuyang Temple to get a picture between the famous temple gates, take a look at day trips to Handara Gate in Bedugul, which is the second most famous spot for the classic Bali gates snaps. 


Tourists are advised that this closure is non-negotiable. Tourists will not be allowed into the Lempuyang Temple complex for the next five days, even if they are dressed appropriately and bring a tour guide.

The temple will also be incredibly busy with worshippers, and traffic leading up to the temple and around the surrounding villages may be pretty hectic at times.


When one again to tourists on the 4th of March, the new entry fees will have been introduced at Lempuyang Temple.

In alignment with rising costs across the board, Lempuyang Temple is implementing a slight increase in ticket prices for both domestic and international tourists wishing to visit the complex.

The new rates will require international tourists to pay IDR 70,000 per person to explore the temple grounds.

Tourists are advised to bring their own sarong, though sarongs are also available to hire at the entry gates.


March is a significant month in the Balinese Hindu calendar. On the 11th of March, the island will fall silent for Nyepi Day.

While tourists are not expected to adhere to all rules and traditions of the day, tourists must stay in their hotels, resorts, or private villas from midnight on the 11th of March until sunrise the following day.

Nyepi, also known as the day of silence, is Balinese New Year, and the whole island comes to a standstill to observe the sacred silence of the day. 

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Friday 1st of March 2024

They can afford closing down the cash cow for 5 days? The business must be good.