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Indonesian Actress Assaulted While Defending Helpless Tourist At Club In Bali

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A beloved Indonesian actress was caught up in an altercation in Kuta over the weekend that resulted in her being hit in the face. Jennifer Coppen, a much-loved Indonesia actress who is on vacation in Bali, came to the aid of a woman in Shishi Bar who was the target of abuse from a group of men. 

Coppen told her 1.2 million Instagram followers that she will share her version of events soon. On an Instagram story posted early on 16th May, Coppen shared a headline from Bali’s IG-based news site Info Kerobokan with a caption written in Bahasa Indonesia that translates to say ‘for those of you who have missed what happened. I’ll tell you the full chronology tomorrow, thank you to those who always ask how I’m doing, etc.

On the 11th of May, Coppen and friends were visiting Shishi Bar on Jalan Petitenget in North Kuta. Around 3 am when the bar was closing Coppen came to the rescue of a caucasian woman who was being harassed by a group of men. Reports suggest that the woman was drunk and struggling to deal with the harassment on her own. Coppen, seeing this and seeing no one else come to support the victim, came to her aid. 

It seems that this may have exacerbated the situation. According to a statement by Bali police, this only amplified the efforts of the men who continued to poke and grope the woman. While Coppen’s public statement will surely clarify the minor details, what is known is that the actress was hit across the face while defending and supporting the victim, in turn becoming a victim of assault herself.

Eyewitnesses are saying they heard the men say ‘don’t mess with us’ after they hit her across the face. The Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the North Kuta Police, Iptu Mohammad Amir, has confirmed that he has received a report from Jennifer Coppen filing an assault charge against the men. 

Amir has confirmed that there is an investigation underway. He told reporters that the Criminal Investigation Unit are working with Shishi Bar and surrounding businesses to collate CCTV footage and get witness testimonies from staff and guests who witnessed the events as they unfolded. 

Jennifer Coppen is best known internationally for her role in the 2019 TV series Pretty Little Liars. She is also the star of a dozen Indonesian films and TV series, including the soap opera Story for Geri and the hit film Mecca, I’m Coming. She plays the role of Puti in the 2022 romantic drama Akad.

Of the thousands of comments on social media, the overwhelming majority are expressing their concern and support for Coppen. Many are asking why she did not have security with her, and hope that the CCTV footage will help the police find the group of men so that they can be charged. 

Coppen is currently running a crowdfunding campaign on her social media to raise funds for Rescue2000. The charity, based in Bali, focuses on providing Balinese people with clean water, staple food supplies, and housing support. The team focuses on supporting Balinese families in rural and remote areas of the island. 

Shishi Bar is yet to release a statement but is believed to be supporting the police in their investigation. Shishi Nightclub & Izakaya Lounge is a modern and super stylish 3-floor nightclub in North Kuta. Offering eclectic Asian decor, premium cocktails, and vast dance floors the club is known for being a destination for celebrities and other high profile individuals. They also offer fine dining experiences, offering the elite a full-service experience. 

As Bali begins to open up the island’s biggest venues will be working hard to ensure that customers are cared for, both in terms of Covid-safety and physical security. The impact of celebrities, influencers and other high profile individual’s on the public image of Bali is not to be underestimated. Earlier in May TikTok star Jessie Carr’s viral video telling how her and her sister were denied aboard a flight to Bali resulted in airline JetStar changing the way they communicate with customers.

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Wednesday 18th of May 2022

I trust police investigation will cover both: 1) Harassment and groping of Caucasian lady 2) Attack on Indonesian actress

Look up google / tripadvisor reviews and select lowest rated reviews and you will soon realize what to expect visiting these clubs.

J West

Tuesday 17th of May 2022

The ‘Kuta Cowboy’ scum around the bar scene is well known for harassing unfortunate women visiting Bali who aren’t prepared for these coordinated attacks.

Repeat: These are coordinated attacks. Drugs and and altered liquor is used in many cases. Some of the cases involve robbery, many are racist hate crimes.

The men involved have the souls of rotting demon rakshasa….lower than dog feces. These cases are common and it ‘might’ have been the case in the past that police kept quiet for the sake of tourist numbers. Police should be intent on returning this scum to hell.

We have witnessed the harassment of women in the street, bars and beaches. That Balinese have allowed these rotten monsters to prey on helpless women is an ugly stain on all. Clean up your act Bali. Tourists must be better protected. Bravo for the woman who stepped in…a truly high spirit…bless her.


Tuesday 17th of May 2022

Close that shithole nightclub down. 😡😡😡hear nothing but bad news about that DUMP..

Wayan Bo

Tuesday 17th of May 2022

Looking like marketing effort, didn’t she have a bodyguard. Also it’s well known that on such places is always police in civil clothing present. Also is known that such places are workplace for prostitutes of all genders.


Monday 16th of May 2022

Stop praising these problematic night clubs in Bali. They are always at the center of criminal activities. Outside of the shishi bunch of people offering drugs, harassing visitors, thieves looking to steal phones and bags, and no police to be seen. The Petitenget area is a zoo after midnight.

Same story near La Favela and places in Kuta. Not to mention that they stayed open for most of the time during pandemic, only to take away visitors phones at the entrance so people couldn't film it.