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Harsh Sentencing For Drug Smuggling Bali Expat Has Been Retracted

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Bali officials have revoked the death penalty sentencing for an expat who has been proven guilty for smuggling narcotics into Bali.

 A 31-year-old man named Emmanuel O Ihejirika from Sierra Leone, West Africa felt relief after knowing that an objection that was requested by his lawyer was finally granted by the Judge of the Indonesian Supreme Court, resulting in him being exempted from the death penalty that had been preciously sentenced in 2005, after he was arrested during his attempt to smuggle narcotics onto the island. 

 “The Supreme Court has changed the suspect’s death sentence to 20 years imprisonment, so he is scheduled to finish his jail time by 2024.” The suspect’s lawyer, Robert Khuwana said on Monday (13/9). Prior to his imprisonment, the suspect was arrested by Bali authorities for attempting to smuggle 461 grams of heroin into Bali through the Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport in 2004.

Judges of the Denpasar Courthouse have sentenced 5 men who attempted to smuggle narcotics into Bali with 13 years of imprisonment.
(Image: ©The Bali Sun – I Wayan Yatika)

 After being charged with 20 years of imprisonment in 2005, the Judges decided to change the punishment into a death sentence in accordance with the Supreme Court Decision on March 25th 2005. Surprisingly, after serving over 17 years imprisonment in the Nusakambangan Prison that is located in Central Java, the Judges of the Supreme Court once again changed their decision and charged the suspect with 20 years of imprisonment and a USD 70,422 (IDR 1 billion) fine. “We heard about this change in 2019, but we just finally received the official letter in regards to this decision a few days ago.” Khuwana concluded.

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