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Floating Airports For Tourist Seaplane Adventures Will Soon Be Built In Bali

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Bali tourism development in Bali continues to boom, and the issue of transportation continues to grow.

As leaders are working to develop everything from new bus lanes to tram systems, railway networks, and a new international airport, some tourism developers are looking into the viability of floating airports and seaplane travel along the island’s coast. 

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The Indonesian Ministry for Transport is seriously considering developing floating airports as alternative transportation hubs in Bali and other leading travel destinations around the country.

The Head of the Ministry for Transportation’s Policy Agency, Robby Kurniawan, told reporters, “The operation of floating airports for seaplanes in archipelagic countries, such as Indonesia, can only improve connectivity for regions in Indonesian in attracting tourists.”

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He noted that floating airports have enormous potential for connecting different provinces and cities around Indonesia, including Bali.

Kurniawan said that water-based travel destinations are huge a huge draw in Indonesia, that the development of floating airports would help boost tourism for ‘frontier, outermost and disadvantaged’ regions.

Kurniawan confirmed that he and his teams have conducted policy analysis and feasibility studies related to the creation of floating airports and have designed pilot project to be develop in the south of Bali.

Based on the findings of the study, which was conducted in partnership with the Bandung Institute of Technology, Bali has been selected as the location for the pilot project based on its high tourist turnover. 

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Kurniawan said “Bali already has its own market share; the aviation industry in Bali is extraordinary, the helicopter rental service has been developed and there are many enthusiasts. So the seaplane can be an alternative.” 

He confirmed that the initial seaplane trial was carried out at Bali’s Mertasari Beach close to Sanur. Kurniawan said “The trail was cared out as an effort to encourage the area to become the first seaplane hub in Indonesian that will be connected to other potential locations.”

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As Kurniawan and his team continue to develop the potential for seaplanes, floating airports, and air connectivity to marine-based tourism destinations from Bali, leaders are still chipping away at the North Bali International Airport project. 

Talk of the North Bali International Airport is back on the table once again, despite being put on the back burner several times over. Getting the project moving once again was one of the election campaign promises of incoming president Prabowo Subianto.

He promised to ensure that the North Bali International Airport would be developed to help provide an alternative to I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport for both security purposes and the overall development of Bali Province. 


During a visit to Buleleng Regency, Subianto said “We must not depend on one facility. If something happens, one airport cannot be used; there must be a backup airport.”

However, he did confirm that he too would want to see the airport developed in such a way that honored Balinese culture. 

He added, “The Balinese personality must be preserved; the buildings must all have Balinese characteristics. Don’t go around building large buildings. I really believe in this.”


North Bali International Airport is set to be developed on reclaimed offshore land in Kubutambahan, which is a 40-minute drive from the island’s north-east tourism resort of Lovina and a 90-minute drive from the top resort on the island’s east coast, Amed. 

According to BIBU Panji Sakti, the company behind the project, “the airport is planned to be able to serve 50 million passengers at the ultimate stage.”

They say, “The airport is about 600 ha, eight masl, equipped with two parallel runways, parallel taxiway, modern passenger terminal building, general aviation terminal, cargo terminal and of course ATC Control Tower.”


The developers have confirmed, “This final selected location is considering offshore locations as safer for aircraft movement. This location also minimizes the impact of evictions of residents, does not interfere with the existence of temples and holy places, and does not interfere with the productive land.”

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Wayan Mataram

Friday 28th of June 2024

It sound great. However to adding another facility such as floating seaport for Sea Plane in Sanur, Mertasari beach may couse another foreseen road congestion & traffic jam Mertasari beach the only beach left in Sanur as a public beach.And now Sanur already to dense for kind of tourist infrastructures. To consider with a comprehensive frasibility study even just only for pilot project, at other shore line beach around Bali such as : Lovina, Tulamben, Kusamba or maybe Menjangan Island and Nusa penida.For connectivity 2 seaports may required for a pilot project. To include university of Udayana and Bali's leaders to actively involve in the feasibility study team LINK

Wayan Bo

Saturday 29th of June 2024

@Wayan Mataram, sure perhaps with direct flights to Maldives.


Friday 28th of June 2024

The tidal flow, currents and surf would make most of the East and South Western coastline unsuitable.

To be viable landing areas would need to be close to the tourist sites. The aircraft need clear water 'runway' for take off and landing. Passengers need ferrying from the shore terminal to the landing pontoon, or the aircraft has to taxi to the shore. The aircraft are noisy.

An the ever present chestnut. Going to the terminal, boarding, flight time them getting of would probably be longer, more expensive and more hassle than going by car even with today's traffic snarls.


Friday 28th of June 2024

These people are crazy. Really they need their heads examined.

Steve b

Friday 28th of June 2024

Hahaha hahaha next

[email protected]

Friday 28th of June 2024

As leaders are working to develop everything from new bus lanes to tram systems, railway networks?? Working or dreaming? People with little education, probably only talking about everything !!!


Tuesday 2nd of July 2024

@[email protected], Do not forget the electric airplane project and the glass lift at Nusa Penida just recently in the news,