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Driver Injured In Accident When Truck Rolls Into Ravine In Bali

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A heavy truck with license plate (DK 8400 LG) rolled into a ravine on Jalan Raya Susut, Payangan Gianyar.

According to the information from witnesses at the location, the incident happened at 01.50pm (LT).

The heavy truck that was driven by 40-year-old Darmawan who lives in Jembrana. over to the edge of the ravine with 3 meters in depth.

truck accident

When the truck was driving down a quite steep hill, the breaks failed and the driver was unable to maintain control causing the truck to flip into a ravine. 

The driver’s leg was seriously injured, so he was rushed to the nearby hospital.

The driver was accompanied by a 29-year-old man from Banyuwangi East Java who only suffered minor injuries in the accident. 

Head of Payangan Police, Officer AKP Made Tama said “The driver lost his control over the truck due to brake failure”

Made Tama added that it was not the first time an accident has happened in this location due to the steep hills.

traffic accident

“Last year on Oct 11th, 2019 an accident also happened at the same location, and the truck fell deeper into a ravine,” Made Tama said.

A witness from the local Village, Wayan Sudiantara  said the accidents are frequent in the area due to the steep road and inexperienced drivers.

“Thankfully there has been no fatalities in the last few years,” Sudiantara added.

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