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Why Tourists Are Flocking To This Luxurious Region Of Bali

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Without a doubt, Bali’s most luxurious resort in Bali is Nusa Dua. The beachside getaway is the favorite Bali vacation hotspot of world leaders and celebrities.

Since Nusa Dua hosted the G20 Summit last year, demand for the area just keeps rising. 

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The General Manager of The Nusa Dua, I Gusti Ngurah Ardita, explained that the resort town has experienced significant growth during the second quarter of the year.

Ardita has revealed that the average occupancy rate for hotels within The Nusa Dua in July 2023 showed a growth of 29%, compared to the occupancy rate in July 2022 of 65.37%. 

Ardita shared, “This achievement has increased significantly from last year [July 2022] and is even higher than the record in July 2019, which touched 82.80 percent.”

He noted that five hotels in the area reached an occupancy rate of 90%, which is an unprecedented level of demand by tourists for Nusa Dua that shows that the resort is certainly offering visitors the vacation of a lifetime. 

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Tourists are not only loving Nusa Dua as a resort destination but as a day trip destination too.

Given its location on the eastern coast of the Bukt Peninsula, Nusa Dua does not have as many cultural attractions as destinations like Ubud.

Yet, Nusa Dua is becoming an increasingly popular day trip destination.

The Water Blow at Nusa Dua is undergoing a resurgence in popularity among tourists, and it’s easy to see why.

The natural blow hole is an exhilarating natural spectacle to observe, and the viewpoint offers stunning views over the ocean. 

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Ardita told reporters over 8,000 people are visiting Nusa Dua every day. He concluded. “We express our gratitude for the trust of stakeholders, the government, and event organizers who have held events in our area.” 

Noting, “Hopefully, it can continue so that it can increase occupancy rates and the number of tourist visits, which also contributes to the revival of the economy and the tourism industry, especially in Bali.”  

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Nusa Dua is a picture-perfect vacation destination that offers ultimate luxury and convenience. The resort can be found an easy 20-25 minute drive from I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport.

For those looking to fly in and flop on a sun lounger cocktail in hand in the quickest possible time, Nusa Dua is the place for you!

Leading hotels in Nusa Dua include the Apurva Kempinski Bali, The Ritz-Carlton Bali, and the Hilton Bali Resort.

These hotels offer the finest hotel hospitality and incredible views over Nusa Dua Beach; in fact, each has its own private stretch of sand for the utmost luxurious experience. 


For travelers seeking a place of all their own in Nusa Dua, look no further than Samabe Bali Suites & Villas.

The exquisite property offers guests the chance to check in to their own private space, complete with pool and ocean views. 

Nusa Dua may be a destination synonymous with luxury and, therefore, luxury price tags. Nusa Dua is a luxury but not exclusionary.

Accommodation options like Amaris Hotel Pratama Nusa Dua have cozy and functional rooms starting at as little as USD 18 a night. 


The Nusa Dua has so much to offer tourists. The resort may be synonymous with being home to the finest and most luxurious hotels on the island, but there is a lot more going on if tourists scratch beneath the surface. 

Nusa Dua is set to become a world-class live music destination. Speaking earlier this year, the Director of Operations at The Nusa Dua (ITDC), Troy Reza Warokka, said that the resort will focus on bringing in more international live music acts and festivals.

Young caucasian couple making selfie on a music festival.

One of the biggest festivals to be hosted in Bali is Joyland Fest, hosted in March every year.

The festival is only growing, and as international interest piques, bigger and better artists are being flown in just for the occasion.

This year, music legends like Sigird and Phoenix graced the stage over the 3-day musical celebration. 

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Saturday 26th of August 2023

Is always "a beautiful view of the ocean". So what? An ocean is an ocean is an ocean, nothing to see but water. There are "beautiful views" of the ocean all over the world, remember, the world consists mostly of water.

Wayan Bo

Friday 25th of August 2023

In Memory when Ronald Reagan was there.


Friday 25th of August 2023

The single most important thing about lovely Nusa Dua... It's absolutely bogan-free.


Friday 25th of August 2023

I’m not a world leader nor a celebrity or an influencer, but just a normal common human and for me the “old fashioned” crowded, “noisy” and full of vendors who sell rolex watches, rayban sunglasses, sarongs and so on the beach side of Kuta Beach is just good enough. Coffee, Bintang, chips and coconuts are good and people nice. So what else does a human being needs more for a relaxed holiday. If you want to go out, just grab a grab or a taxidriver, little talk about price and off you go.

Wayan Bo

Saturday 26th of August 2023

@Firechef, have always Imodium 💊handy.


Saturday 26th of August 2023

@Hns, You got that absolutely right, love eating at some of those little booths and hope I don't get sick, lmao.


Friday 25th of August 2023

@Hns, Yepp. I inspected Kuta last weekend and I can confirm that Kuta these days will be a perfect match for your requirements.