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Child Loses Life In Bali After Eating Puffer Fish Crackers

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An 11-year-old girl named Putu Ayu Mita Sari has died allegedly from food poisoning after eating a crackers made out of puffer fish in Buleleng, North Bali.

Putu Ayu and her family were visiting her cousin’s (Ketut Alisya Tini Putri 5) house in Pemuteran North Bali on Tuesday morning Nov 17th 2020 at 7:00 am when the two children allegedly ate the puffer fish crackers.

The Head of Gerokgak Police Department, Kompol Made Widana confirmed that both Putu and Alisya consumed the crackers that Alisya’s parents made on Monday. 

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After an hour, Putu Ayu and her family decided to head home and after arriving, the girl began to throw up and felt dizzy.

The same thing apparently happened to Alisya at her house. Their parents immediately rushed them to Gerokgak Clinics, but the clinic referred them to Buleleng Public Hospital for more intensive treatment. Unfortunately, after several hours being treated at the hospital Putu Ayu passed away. Meanwhile Alisya is still conscious, but is intensive care. 

“Their family also ate the same crackers that day, but they had no symptoms. The children may have eaten the parts that still had poison, said Bali police commissioner, Made Widana.

The officers decided to stop their investigation after a request from Putu Ayu’s family. 

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