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British National Trapped In Well For 6 Days In Bali

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A British national fell into a 4 meter well in Bali where he claims he was trapped for 6 days.

According to 29 year-old Matther Jacob Roberts, he fell into the well after being chased by a dog in Pecatu, Bali. 

UK tourist falls into well in bali

On Saturday (6/6), local residents finally heard a man yelling for help and located the victim. 

Roberts suffered a leg injury in the fall and was unable to climb out of the well. Due to the isolated area of the resevoir, locals did not hear the mans screams for 6 days. 

(Image: Facebook – Kuta Bali Info)

“The victim claimed to have been trapped there about 6 days before being evacuated by Bali Basarnas,” South Kuta Police Chief AKP Yusak Agustinus Sooai told Radar Bali

Saturday morning at around 11:45 am, a resident who was looking for cattle feed near the location heard the cry for help from the victim.

British National Trapped In Well For 6 Days In Bali
(Image: Facebook – Kuta Bali Info)

After arriving at the location, witnesses saw that there was a foreign national at the bottom of the well with only a small amount of water left,” added Sooai. 

Local village residents contacted the police and Bali Basarnas to evacuate the victim from the well.

(Image: Radar Bali)

By 1:30 pm officers dressed in full personal protective equipment as a precaution were able resuce the man from the well. 

The victim is being treated at BIMC Nusa Dua Hospital and is expected to make a full recovery. 

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