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Bali To Intensify Surveillance As Disorderly Tourists Push Locals To The Limit

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Officials in Bali have confirmed that the surveillance of tourists will intensify as locals are being pushed to the limit by unruly visitors. From trampling on sacred temples to revving engines and burning donuts in the road, from haggling too hard to disrespecting local artisans in the name of ‘content,’ locals in Bali are sick and tired of the minority of tourists who show disrespect to the island. 

Bali Beach At Nighttime With Hundreds Of Tourists At A Dining Party.

Sugito, the Head of the Ngurah Rai International Airport Immigration Agency, has told reporters that enough is enough. He has confirmed that he and his teams have been ordered to “intensify surveillance of foreign nationals, especially those who make trouble in Bali.”

He told reports that “If proven to have committed a violation, Immigration … will not hesitate to deport the foreigner concerned”. Indonesia has deported dozens of tourists in the last 18 months who have been found guilty of disrespectful behavior in Bali. Earlier in the year, Australian tourist Samuel Lockton was caught climbing a sacred Banyan tree at a temple in Bali.

Videos and photos of Lockton climbing the sacred tree went viral in mid-June. An eyewitness reported at the time that he refused to come down from the tree for over half an hour. When he eventually climbed down, he was taken in for questioning by local police and the community. He was later ‘invited to leave’ Bali and is believed to have been blacklisted from entering Indonesia. 

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Lockton’s deportation was swift as officials in Bali were already riled by the actions of Alina Fazleeva and Jeff Craigen. In unrelated incidences, they were both arrested for posing naked at sacred sites in Bali. Fazleeva was deported after she was caught posing naked in the roots of a sacred Banyan tree on temple grounds and shared the photos on social media.

Craigen, who is originally from Canada, was deported after he posted a video of himself doing the Haka at the summit of Bali’s holy Mount Batur. An act that was deeply offensive to communities in Bali and in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Tourists Walk Down From Mount Batur Sunrise Spot In Bali

In May, an Estonian model fled Bali, narrowly avoiding being called in for questioning by immigration, after she accused traffic police of corruption. Valeria Vasilieva was pulled over by traffic police in Bali on 18th May and ordered to pay a fine.

Angered by her encounter with traffic police, who were subsequently confirmed to have behaved appropriately, Vasilieva took to social media to vent. The video quickly went viral, and the social pressure mounted. Vasilieva is believed to have swiftly left Bali before immigration was able to file a case against her. 


In October, locals in Bali and even tourists called for the deportation of an Australian traveler in Bali who was recorded burning skid marks on a street between Canggu and Seminyak. The man was not wearing a helmet and blocked traffic from passing down the road, and caused a noise disturbance by revving the engine.

Although he appeared to find the whole incident hilarious, it has proven to be the straw that broke the camel’s back. Immigration and police in Bali have confirmed that they will take faster and more severe action against tourists who misbehave.  


It is not only people from Bali who are tired of bad tourists. Even fellow travelers have spoken out about their fellow visitors’ ‘embarrassing’ behavior. Tanieka Monti, from Victoria, recently told reporters that her holiday was interrupted by tourists not respecting local people, culture, or destinations.


She shared her frustration with an online community. “I cannot stand one thing, and that is rude Australians…I’ve caught myself giving the death stare and mentioning to groups of Aussies how rude it is to talk to people the way they are; they are nothing but disrespectful and utterly rude to the local Balinese people”. Many agreed with her sharing their experiences of shameful behavior on the Island of the Gods. While others offered an alternative view that these kinds of incidences are the price to pay for the benefits of a thriving tourism sector. 

One thing is for sure, it is no longer the case that ‘what happens in Bali, stays in Bali,’ and tourists must keep in mind that anything they say or do in Bali that disrespects the island and its culture could end up online or on the desk of immigration officials. 

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W. P.

Monday 14th of November 2022 Disrespectful.

Let Bali also check the dress code for walking in public, like this lady who walks on the public street with a visible string tanga bikini, this is not appropriate for the Balinese culture, she has no respect and appreciation for the Balinese, disrespectfully, send the lady back to her country of origin and let her walk there in the string tanga over the public street.



Monday 14th of November 2022

As follow: the larger is the variety of tourists the worst things will degrade. Bali is already in a irreversible trend of excluding well educated folks and harbouring mass influx of barbarians. High cultural standards and less hard rock-marriot American hehe, would do the filtering. Bali is ruined by their own people.


Monday 14th of November 2022

"Bargaining too hard".....excuse me ....I laughed so hard I may have messed myself.

5555555555 WTF does that mean? Ex: I had a restaurant in Kuta area brazenly change the prices of what I'd ordered off a sidewalk menu board to 10 times the price.

When I refused to pay the theft price the manager and staff tried to intimidate me...I still refused.

Another patron had by chance taken a selfie with his wife and offered up the proof of the restaurants thieving practice.Instead of any apology the goons wanted me to stop "bargaining" while patrons on the sidewalk could hear.

I walked away, not paying anything....because I told these scum that I was prepared to deter customers from coming in until he got some humility and apologize...but I warn anyone to safeguard themselves in Bali and bargain hard because you are and will be ripped off in you let the locals keep scamming tourists.

And no one likes the drunks and police should cart them away for a big fine and night in jail.

Deborah Fortuna

Monday 14th of November 2022

Well it's about time!! I have witnessed rude behavior by tourists to hotel staff many times. It's shameful. You are a guest in another country. Act respectful. Bali and the Balinese deserve much better behavior.


Sunday 13th of November 2022

Ha! Ha! Ha! anybody with half a brain knows who controls the drug trade in Bali, and it is not the Bakso man, Car loads of brown shirts in shiny Black cars on their way to 5 star restuarants for lunch daily might be a clue and it will never change,


Monday 14th of November 2022

@Ricky, either you have a business to promote or you live in a boat 10 km from shore...


Monday 14th of November 2022

@Ricky,That is the pull factor, The mass development of north of KUTA the last 10 years was not to attract mum, dad 2 kids type of tourists. Built by Indonesians to attract the exact type of tourists this site is complaining about and all that goes with it, There is plenty of the "old "easy going Bali outside of the Kuta , Seminyak, Canggu S.. hole,Lovina, Candidasa, Ubud ,Armed etc are still there, evan "Sleepy Hollow" Sanur is a great venue for any type of tourist to enjoy or retirement.