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Australians Call Out ‘Unacceptable’ Behavior Of Fellow Travelers In Bali

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An Australian traveler who visited Bali for a romantic getaway has called out her fellow countryfolk after witnessing too many incidences o disrespectful behavior towards local people on her most recent trip to the island. Tanieka Monti, from Victoria, has told reporters that her holiday was ‘interrupted’ by tourists not respecting local people, culture, or tourist destinations.

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Speaking to reporters, Monti was open about her distaste for fellow Aussie travelers in Bali after what she witnessed. In a Facebook post, she wrote, ‘I cannot stand one thing, and that is rude Australians…I’ve caught myself giving the death stare and mentioning to groups of Aussies how rude it is to talk to people the way they are; they are nothing but disrespectful and utterly rude to the local Balinese people’.

She continues to say that she wouldn’t be surprised if this kind of behavior led local people to think that all Australians were badly behaved and outrightly rude. She said, ‘It disgusts me to think that they might have a perception of Australians that is only a representation of very few disgusting Aussies’.

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The post has drawn lots of attention and feedback, with many people echoing Monti’s sentiments entirely. One person replied, ‘When I called them out, I got, ‘this is our second home’….That phrase p**ses me off big time, 30+ trips for me but never throw off about that…Just because you visit there a lot gives you no special entitlement – especially bad manners! It’s the Balinese’s home, we are visitors no matter how many times you’ve been’.

Someone else replied to the post to share their experiences. They wrote, ‘It’s so embarrassing. I was at a restaurant yesterday and this old guy was sitting there no shirt having beers and lunch. I mean is it that hard to put a shirt on, mate. Gross’.

Incidences of bad behavior, whether illegal or simply disrespectful, always leads to the question of whether the same behavior would be tolerated in countries such as Australia if Indonesian people were to do the same.

While there is no need for a tit-for-tat argument, it has proven as food for thought for many. Bali is incredibly strict in some ways and gloriously free and forgiving in others. There is a reason why travelers, especially the island’s most frequent visitors from Australia, feel they can safely let go of any inhibition.


Further down the post, other commenters stated that the bad behavior comes from a small minority of people and that the vast majority of Aussie travelers are respectful and courteous while on the Island of the Gods.

One person replied, ‘That is, unfortunately, the negative side of ‘people’.. it’s not where they are from, but it says more about who they are… on the positive side, there are truly beautiful ‘people’ out there.’ In comments shared by the Perth-Based Institute Indonesia, have spoken with local authorities and urged them to take matters more seriously regarding badly behaved tourists.


Ross Taylor, a spokesperson for the group, said, ‘Give them an extended holiday in Bali and perhaps one to six months in Kerobokan Prison would perhaps enlighten some of these people. Some may argue that such a punishment would be too harsh given that the notorious KBB Prison is not only widely reported as seriously overcrowded but is also reserved for criminals who have committed serious crimes such as murder or drug smuggling.


The Police Minister for Western Australia, Michelle Roberts, has said that she felt ‘embarrassed’ but the behavior of some Aussies abroad but suggested that a jail sentence may be a step too far. She said, ‘Incarceration brings with it a whole range of other issues, and I don’t care if you’re on day one of your holiday in Bali, if you behave in an unacceptable manner, you should be sent home’.

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Risda Djambek

Friday 17th of March 2023

To my curiosity I subscribed to know what was really happening in Bali and never ever heard it before.


Thursday 8th of December 2022

I live in Australia and I am of Greek background. I have nothing in common with anglo-bogans. Most disgusting people in the world.


Thursday 27th of October 2022

A holiday at Club Kerobokan? Too involved and costly...court costs, time factors, lawyers and not immediate. Depending on the behaviour, 1 warning and passport held by immigration. If it's gross on your way Charlie. 2nd offence, here's your passport and ticket you've accomodation at the Imigrasi cells until the plane leaves. BTW you're banned from reentry for 12 months. It's ironic that many people from Australia won't consider coming here because of that image. Yet overwhelmingly it's caused by Australians. The Tuban, Kuta Legian area is known as OzBali or Boganville. Surprisingly it serves a purpose. They all congregate in a relatively small area and rarely leave. It's less than 10% of the Bali landmass, It makes them easy to avoid as they don't pollute the rest of this beautiful place and people, and leave it for us to enjoy.


Wednesday 26th of October 2022

Aussies and Russians are the worst i've seen on the island during my visits. no respect to the locals.


Tuesday 25th of October 2022

Increase the visa fees to those countries behaving badly until you don't get any of those types of tourist. At the same time you may get the good tourist of those countries sorting out the bad ones. They can't behave like this in their own countries so they come here to do it and spoil it for the rest. Price them out of the loop.


Wednesday 26th of October 2022

Increase is already in place: Newly announced: If you apply for VoA at Indonesian Emb. in your home country the cost is US$35 + US$30 vfs fee.