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Calls For Deportation of Australian In Bali After Video Of Revving Moped In Canggu Goes Viral

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People in Bali and around the world are calling for an Australian tourist to be deported after a video has gone viral. In the footage, an Australian tourist can be seen burning skid mark circles on a street in Canggu.

Not only is he not wearing a helmet, but he also blocks traffic passing down the road and is causing unnecessary noise from the revving engine. While he appeared to think the whole incident was hilarious, his antics were recorded by many people passing by, and none seemed too impressed by his actions. 

Close Up Of Moped Wheel Tire

The post has gone viral across local and tourists-expat social media accounts, including the satirical account The Canggu Pole. The video has also caught the attention of international newspapers and public figures in Bali, many of whom are calling on Immigration to track him down and kick him out of the country. 

The tourist wears white sneakers, black shorts, and a white t-shirt with ‘Burberry’ written on it. He has a full leg tattoo and, over the revving moped, can be heard joking, ‘What happens in Bali, stays in Bali’ The irony must be hard to swallow as calls are mounting for his deportation. His face had not been blurred in any of the versions of the video circulating online; it won’t be too hard for immigration officials to put a name to a face. 

Moped Bike Wheel Close Up And Exhaust Pipe

The video, shared on The Canggu Pole, was accompanied by the caption, ‘Was praying for a stack here but the scooter gods didn’t pull through…yeah don’t be this guy. It seems that many locals in Bali, regular holidaymakers, and longer-term international residents in Canggu are sick of behavior like this too. One wrote, ‘Why do you behave like this? Can you just be normal? Do you think the rent-owner ok with this stunt?’. Another joked, ‘Not even Australians want this guy back’.

Umbrellas On The Beach At Night Close To Canggu In Bali

Local businesswoman and social justice activist, Niluh Djelantik, was quick to share her outrage at the performance. A translation of her Instagram caption of the video reads, ‘GARBAGE MAKES POLLUTION AND DAMAGE MOTORCYCLE. Imagine paying rent of Rp. 50,000 per day but the motorcycle cost at least Rp. 18 million treated like this, imagine if it’s broken how much the owner will cover. Bali needs tourists. But not this type of a**hole. Owner of DK 8464QD, if you rent to this tourist. Please check the condition of your bikes’. 


Observers are confident that the man in question does not own the moped and has undoubtedly damaged the tires. Not only that, it is outrightly breaking the law. All moped drivers must wear a helmet while driving, despite tourists and locals regularly flouting the rules.

As leaders and business owners in Bali work tirelessly to recover from the pandemic by promoting tourism in more diverse ways, it seems the island is vulnerable to exploration and disrespect. Minister for Tourism Sanidaga Uno is calling for more sustainable and high-quality tourism, and his department is working to bring that to fruition. The Department of Immigration has confirmed plans for the 5-10 year digital nomad visa are well underway.


Yet, there are reports every week of a tourist misbehaving, whether it be influencers trampling over temples or YouTubers disrespecting local cultural teachers. One comment on the video of the moped incident in Canggu writes, only half-jokingly, ‘Time for mandatory Tourist Visa IQ Test Requirement’. Followed by tagging the Director General of Immigration, Immigration Denpasar, and Bali Airport Immigration.


As Minister Uno suggested that Bali should emulate Bhutan’s tourism model where possible to create sustainable, high-quality tourism, anyone who has a love and admiration for the Island of the Gods is left wondering what more can be done to ensure these kinds of incidences are stopped for good. 

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Wednesday 16th of November 2022

Unbelievable behavior….I am not sure why influencer and other such low budget travellers should get special visas….. I don’t get it…..why not target people WHO TRULY LOVE THE ISLAND OF BALI AND KNOW HOW TO BEHAVE AND RESPECT THIS BEAUTIFUL ISLAND AND ITS WONDERFUL PEOPLE !!!


Thursday 13th of October 2022

Quote from the article "Not only is he not wearing a helmet, but he also blocks traffic passing down the road and is causing unnecessary noise from the revving engine"

Come to think about it, no helmet, blocking traffic and causing unnecessary noise seems to be standard here. Add one immature tourist to the list of "offenders" will not make any difference, so spare me the outrage.

I have made a few complaints to Bali gov. authorities regarding extremely noisy motorbike with racing exhausts (knalpot brong) racing along the roads here. No effective action taken at all. Gov. should work systematically to solve issues not run after the latest thing the IG crowd is outraged over.

Wayan Bo

Thursday 13th of October 2022

Burning tires is nothing new, and done almost with muscle cars and bikes, with this small scoter it’s a modest kind of understatement.

Paul Speirs

Wednesday 12th of October 2022

He's only coping the loads of local people in my area chandi is like a race track at Saturday night and Sunday night but nobody is bothered to stop it. Children can go to schools without a licence or helmets the law here is just a joke. Police do stops but you can see all the bikers 200 meters away hoping that they will soon gone


Wednesday 12th of October 2022

A Muslim outside a masjid in Bali was looking and harassing me because I'm not a mongol face. People do fight with bule' because they protest knalpot, chickens, dogs, stupid people from Java throwing trash and insulting foreigners, not to mention masturbating in Jimbaran while looking at girls and kids. Who you suppose to deport?