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Bali To Promote Island As A Retirement Destination

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Bali has long welcomed retirees from all over the world, but businesses on the island are looking to actively promote the destination as a place for long-term retirement. While many Australians, Americans, and Europeans in Bali have decided to live a decent portion of their retirement on the islands, businesses are looking to develop greater interest in the market.

Elderly Man Plays Tennis On A Beach Close To The Sea

The hospitality, tour, and travel company Wiswacon Group, located in Singakerta Village, close to Ubud, are working to promote retirement tourism in the area. When it comes to relocating for retirement, there are many decisions for retirees to make regarding support systems, accessibility, financial resources, social care, and medical support. The Wiswacon Group is starting to target Japanese tourists who want to spend their golden years in Bali through the establishment of a retirement resort. 

Four Japanese Women Stand On Beach Looking Happy

The Director of PT Manuk Dewata Internasional, I Dewa Gede Ambara Putra Manacika, told reporters that the metering market for Japanese retirement tourism in Bali is picking up interest. He shared that although his company focuses on inviting retirees from Japan, they will welcome retirees from around the world at their new resort.  

Landscape view of Bali Countryside with village homes and farm land

The Wiswacon Group focuses on development in three areas, construction, real estate, and hospitality. Manacika said, ‘An idea was born to study the possibility of building a real estate project for foreign retirees in Bali’. The group believes that investment in creating retirement villages or supported housing, and nursing homes would be a viable business move in Bali.

Manacika explained that the development of retirement tourism would have a knock-on effect on other sectors, such as the medical sector and the agricultural industry. 

Old Man Grows Leafy Vegetables In A Field Farm Close To Houses

He noted that there would be a strong focus on holistic health and well-being, and the development of retirement complexes would require more organic produce, creating more agricultural jobs. He said, ‘They will achieve true health in a long life in a state of happiness, long life’. 

Naturally, the development of retirement tourism would require more nursing and social care staff, creating even more well-paying jobs in the private care sector. Manacika shared his thoughts on how the promotion of retirement tourism would bring synoptic benefits. ‘They [retirees] usually live in nursing homes, away from their families. The number could be in the thousands…Retired tourism is in close synergy with environmental and cultural preservation programs’.


In December this year, the Wiswacon Group will welcome its first group of retirees from Japan for an extended stay in Bali. He said, ‘We have prepared the accommodation including all the needs and services needed’.

The Regent of Gianyar, I Made Mahayastra, represented by the Head of the Gianyar Regency Tourism Office, I Made Raka, told reporters that the regency is very happy that the pilot group of retirees will be moving to the area. Raka told reporters that this new potential market is up-and-coming and that the regency hopes many people will choose to stay and even live out the rest of their lives in the area. 


The announcement of the pilot group of retirees moving to Bali comes just days after the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment, Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, confirmed that work is well underway for the development of the 5-10 year digital nomad visa for Indonesia.

He told his audience at the Nusa Dua Convention Center last week that Indonesia will be focusing on developing the visa program for skilled workers in certain sectors and for retirees. He explained that the Department of Immigration is working on promoting Indonesia as a destination for the over 60s by making the visa process more streamlined since their greater spending ability would benefit the country. 


Currently, a retirement visa for Indonesia is available for citizens over the age of 55 from 52 countries, including Australia, the UK, the USA, and Japan. Retirees must prove that they have sufficient funds to support themselves for the duration of the year-long visa and have medical insurance and other relent paperwork. 

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Anthony Bosman

Thursday 13th of October 2022

More and more retired people are fit enough to live on their own. Why not make it interesting for them too

J West

Thursday 13th of October 2022

@Anthony Bosman, the fact is that more retired people are fit enough to travel due to advances in modern western health care and early diagnosis of the myriad of illnesses that would have killed them just a few decades ago when a simple cardiac was considered ‘death by natural causes’. The western health care regime keeping people fit disappears into the jungles of Indonesia when a patient is more than 6 hrs away from a modern surgical intervention center, which does not exist anywhere in Indonesia. Every seniors doctor will have told this to their patients …” Don’t travel.. or, travel at your peril”.


Wednesday 12th of October 2022

It will be great for me but let first the government make the procedure much easier and simple without paying much money to all those visa offices who ask a lot sum of money to apply for you to the immigration office.

Paul Speirs

Wednesday 12th of October 2022

Yes and more opertunites to fleece the good people who want to come here. Agents must be rubbing the hands with glee at this idea more people to rip off


Wednesday 12th of October 2022

Ok, great idea, only the costs of a good health insurance for elderly people is very high, almost not to bear for them. And what to think about the yearly costs for the visa for 2 persons a year? Make it a fair price and see the result. Oh and don’t forget the price of the house rent. The estate developpers already see moutains of gold. For elderly people who have only a retirement income the total costs of living cannot be so high. Think about that or the project will fail.


Wednesday 12th of October 2022

A few things to be aware of for the retirement crowd:

1. Indonesia is taxing worldwide income.

2. Medical insurance (international or local) is almost impossible to sign up for after 60. After 68-70 medical insurance provider will not extend plans.

3. The best Bali hospitals are not cheap. Probably the prices will go up even more now that "luxury" healthcare (new hospital in Sanur) open. Not because the other hospitals will be better but because they see that much higher charges are possible in Bali.