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Bali Police Name Suspects In Recent Hotel Elevator Disaster

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For the last three and a half weeks, police in Bali have been investigating the events that surrounded a devastating elevator failure at the Ayu Terra Resort just outside of Ubud.

The tragedy claimed the lives of five young staff members and left the community and Bali lovers in a state of shock and anger.

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Police and the provincial government vowed that the truth of the tragedy will see the light.

On Friday 1st September the famous outdoor elevator at Ayu Terra Resort experienced a cataphoric failure. The elevator cables snapped and all brake mechanisms failed.

The evaluator plummeted into the hotel buildings down in the ravine. Three of the victims died on impact while the other two passed away in hospital hours later. 

The victims have been named as Kadek Hardiyanti (24), and Kadek Yanti Pradewi (19), Sang Putu Bayu Adi Krisna (19), I Wayan Aries Setiawan (23), Ni Luh Supernigsih (20).

During the immediate aftermath of the disaster the then Deputy Governor of Bali, Coka Ace, visited the site, spent time with the families, and confirmed to the media and public that the tragedy would be fully investigated and that the incident would serve as an opportunity the hospitality sector to double down on health and safety policies. 

Now Bali Police have revealed the first findings of their investigation and named the suspects who will be taken to court.

Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday 26th September Gianyar Police Choice AKBP Ketut Widiada named two people who will be trialed on negligence charges. 

AKBP Widiada explained, “Based on the statements of witnesses and experts and the results of the National Police Forensic Lab, and supported by evidence that had been confiscated”

“We conclude from investigators that there are more than two pieces of evidence to determine the suspects in the incident where the inclination lift fell at Ayu Terra Resort on Friday 1st September that caused five Ayu Terra Resort employees to die.”

AKBP Widiada told the press that the first suspect is Mudjiana; like many people in Indonesia Mudijana goes by only a single name.

AKBP Widiada revealed that evidence suggests that Mudijana was the technician who conducted work on the elevator that changed the operating system from three cable pulleys down to one.

This is not in accordance with the K3 provisions as stipulated in the Indonesian Law Number 6/2017 concerning occupational safety and health in evaluators and escalators.

It has been suggested that he also overlooked other elements of the elevator that failed to meet health and safety laws. 

The second suspect is Vincent Juwono, the Owner and General Manager of the Ayu Terra Resort who oversaw and signed off on the elevator maintenance work.

The Police have said that Juwono let the evaluator be used even though he was aware that the lift did not pass its safety testing.

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AKBP Widiada shared, “Witness Vincent, as the owner, immediately used the evaluator before the evaluator was first tested by K3 experts to find out whether the elevator met standards or was suitable for operations so that it is as a result of VJ’s negligence that there were fatalities.”

Juwono had been charged with Number 6/2017 concerning occupational safety and health in evaluators and escalators in conjunction with Article 87 of Law Number 13/2023 concerning employment. 


Both men are currently not being held by Bali Police but have been ordered to attend summons on Friday 29th September where they will be formally charged and detained. 

AKBP Widiada concluded, “Even if there are already two suspects, it doesn’t rule out the possibility that there are other suspects.”


The Ayu Terra Resort tragedy triggered shockwaves throughout local communities and tourists.

The Bali Tourism Board, Bali Police, and Provincial Government have ordered all hotels and resorts with elevators and funiculars to present their health, safety, and maintenance paperwork to the closest authorities and more spot checks will be conducted to ensure that nothing like this can ever happen again in Bali. 

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Thursday 28th of September 2023

Shoddy work and no regard for safety seems to be the norm of Balinese people. Same Shoddy inspection caused a devastating fire at our shoe manufacturing plant north of Ubud 2 years ago. Insurance company officials took the money out of their bank and ran off leaving us holding the bag. We were stuck with a almost million dollar rebuilding bill. Decided to sell the factory to whomever and 200 local jobs were lost. Think twice before opening a non-tourist related business, not worth the headaches.