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Over 2 Million Bali Tourists Have Booked This Bucket List Adventure 2023

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Bali is well on its way to hitting the pre-pandemic number of tourists in 2023. The island is a hive of activity with tourists from all over the world touching down in Denpasar ready and eager to explore everything Bali has to offer.

As tourists become more adventurous, seeking more than just a chilled resort vacation, day trips are soaring in popularity. 

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One of the most in-demand day trips, and even multi-night getaway destinations, is Nusa Penida. The stunning outlying island quickly became one of the most recognizable landscapes in the world thanks to the rise of social media and travel content creators. 

New data revealed by the Sanur Habor Management Team shows that in the last 10 months, over 2.75 million tourists have traveled through the port.

Sanur Harbor is the main transportation hub for tourists heading for Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Ceningan.

Tourists can also catch a fast boat or ferry at Padang Bai Port, though due to its proximity to the larger resorts, most tourists travel via Sanur. 

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The new Sanur Harbor opened in November last year and the revocations have made it so much easier and more comfortable for tourists to make their day trips to the outlying islands.

Data also shows that the harbor has facilitated a whopping 64,000 voyages in the last 10 months.

During the high season in August over 4,000 boat trips were denaturing and arriving at Sanur Port every single day.

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Sanur Port is also the starting point for equally popular trips to the Gili Islands and Lombok, though visits to Nusa Penida still come out on top.

A one-way fare from Sanur to Nusa Penida costs as little as USD 12, though fare prices do fluctuate due to demand. Tickets average around USD 14, though tourists shouldn’t be shocked to find tickets reaching USD 25 for the premium fast boats at peak times.

Tickets can be purchased online, via travel agents, or at Sanur Port itself. The crossing takes just 50 minutes in good conditions. 

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While many tourists visit Nusa Penida for just the day, with so much to explore on the Nusa Islands, more tourists are choosing to stay over for a few nights to have a more immersive experience.

Accommodation on the Nusa Islands is as abundant as on the main island of Bali. There are gorgeous resorts overlooking the ocean, super affordable hostels, lavish private villas, and intimate local guesthouses.


In October Nusa Penida will celebrate the Nusa Penida Festival. The incredible cultural showcase will feature over 500 traditional dancers, dozens of performances, and plenty of workshops, talks, and entertainment to enjoy.

The festival will be held from the 5th-7th October and the main events will be held at the Sampalan Public Field in Nusa Penida.

This is the first time the festival will be held since the pandemic began and organizers are keen to make sure the celebration of Balinese culture is bigger and better than ever before. 


Tourists planning their visits to Nusa Penida must be aware that Regency leaders are introducing a One Destination One Gate policy.

This means that tourists will be required to pay an entrance fee at all of the major attractions rather than being able to pay for a more expensive single ticket that can be used at all the major landmarks and destinations.


For example, tourists must pay IDR 10,000 to explore the famous Kelingking Beach and clifftop.

Tourists wishing to go snorkeling, diving, or swimming in the ocean off Nusa Penida, specifically in the Nusa Penida Marine Protection Area, must also pay a tourism retribution fee that is used to help fund conservation work in the region.

Some fees can be paid in person in cash; others can be made online before visiting the island. Tourists can make their fee for Nusa Penida Marine Protection Area on a new dedicated website

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Thursday 28th of September 2023

2 mln + tourists with expenses spent....wonder why there isn't any development done on roads, pot holes, traffic congestion, food safety on this island of God?

Wayan Bo

Wednesday 27th of September 2023

It’s still the pandemic time.