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Bali Bronzing Foam Has Beauty Fans Flocking To Buy It From The Bali-Based Cosmetics Brand Coco And Eve

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Fans of fake tan are rushing to buy a revolutionary foam formula which promises to hide cellulite and leave skin looking visibly younger, without the unpleasant ‘biscuit’ smell of most self-tanners.

Bali Bronzing Foam, a $44.90 vegan tanning liquid from Indonesia-based cosmetics brand Coco and Eve, claims to blur pigmentation and coat skin in a flawless, golden finish, making your body appear younger and healthier.

According to the Daily Mail, Natural ingredients like banana and papaya claim to ‘blur imperfections’ by reducing the appearance uneven tone and pigmentation, making skin look flawlessly smooth.

-Beauty fans say Bali Bronzing Foam banishes cellulite and is better than a salon

Exotic fruit extracts of mango and guava give the foam a tropical scent, instead of the typical yeasty smell commonly associated with fake tan, while the liquid soaks into skin so seamlessly, it develops in less than two hours.

Antioxidant coconut and mandarin oils hydrate and repair, leaving skin firmer and more radiant, while fig and cocoa ‘reduce signs of ageing’.

Fans of fake tan are obsessing over Bali Bronzing Foam from Indonesia-based cosmetics brand Coco and Eve, which promises to banish cellulite and make skin look younger (pictured, Instagram influencer ‘The Wild Inspired’ wears the Bali Bronzing Foam)

Meanwhile, orange and lotus flower minimise the appearance of cellulite and dimpling across the thighs and behind, two of the most common complaints women voice about their bodies.

Beauty lovers can’t get enough of the foam, which already boasts hundreds of five star reviews online, with many calling it ‘the best fake tan’ they have ever used.

‘I’ve tried all the popular ones like St Tropez, but this is a cut above the rest! No orange tone, and it wears away slowly and evenly,’ one woman said. 

‘It’s the best fake tan I’ve ever worn!’

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Look, no harmful UVA rays were needed to achieve this stunning sun-kissed glow 👀📸 @sararevuelta is using our Bali Bronzing Foam in Ultra Dark. Based on your feedback, we want to show how our Bronzing Foam works on all skin tones ☀️

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The Bali-based brand Coco And Eve has accumulated more than 500,000 Instagram followers ane has several videos with millions of views. 

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