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Bali Begins To Lockdown Public Spaces For A Second Time As Cases Surge

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Bali has locked down three large outdoor public areas after a spike in COVID-19 cases across the island.

Durning a Press Conference on Sunday, Sept 13th 2020, Denpasar Covid-19 Handling Task Force Spokesman, I Dewa Gede Rai said that order to minimize the spread of Covid-19 in Denpasar, the Mayor has shut down several public facilities. 

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The three public areas include the Lumintang Football Field, Badung Puputan Football Field and Lumintang City Park.

The closures could be a sign of future lockdowns in Denpasar if the virus continues to spread. 

People had been using these parks to exercise and gather with family for picnics but it was reported that many were not wearing masks or social distancing. 

The Denpasar Mayor said he was concerned that the parks could create new clusters of local transmission.

Bali local security enforce mask rule (2)

The people of Bali have been highly disappointed by the closure but the government had to decided that the risk of transmission is not worth having them ope.

“Only the places with high potential virus transmission will be closed, so the others will remain open for now,” Gede Rai said during the press conference.

b ali fountain

“I hope that people would be still exercising at home to strengthen their immune system while waiting for further information from the Mayor about reopening,” concluded Gede Rai. 

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