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Australian Tourist In Bali Hospital After Horrifying Moped Crash

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An Australian tourist in Bali remains in hospital after a devastating moped crash. It is believed that Tey Evans, 35, came off his moped after serving away from three dogs that were trying to attack him. 

Moped And Cars Drive Down Busy Bali Street

Evans was found by a young mother who wishes to remain anonymous. She found him unresponsive and lying at the side of the road with clear signs of severe injuries. The woman immediately called an ambulance and found a way to reach out to one of Evans’ friends to come and support him.

Though the incident happened on Thursday, 25th August, Evans’ story has hit international headlines as his community is raising funds for his hospital fees. Upon arriving at the BIMC Hospital in Nusa Dua, the extent of Evans’ injuries became apparent. His loved ones had to begin reconciling that he may not make it through the surgery. He suffered ‘multiple broken ribs, a punctured lung, a ruptured spleen, a fractured elbow, vertebra and pelvis as well as a damaged kidney – all of which were causing severe internal bleeding’ his loved ones write on their fundraising page. 

Evans has a rare O-negative blood type, making matters even harder for medical staff. There was none on hand in Bali, so the call was put out for blood donors to come forward to the Red Cross in Denpasar. The call was answered by dozens of potential donors. Although the medical staff and family took a risk sending Evans down to surgery before the blood was confirmed to be available, it paid off. Thanks to the rapid response of Bali medical staff and the community, all five bags of blood needed to stabilize Evans through his surgery were collected.

The first bag arrived at the theatre just 20-minutes before the first transfusion was required. Evan’s friend Muska releases a 6-minute video on YouTube detailing the heroic efforts of the medical teams and community in Bali for their incredible response that ultimately saved his friend’s life.

Evans underwent an 11-hour surgery to treat his injuries, with the main priority being to stop the internal bleeding. He survived the surgery and remained in recovery in a hospital in Bali. In an Instagram video that shows his surgery staples being removed, Evans wrote, ‘I’ve cried more in 2 weeks than for the past 35 years’

Interior of Intensive Care Unit at Hospital

In the caption, he thanks the community for their support and his new fiancé. Evans and his bride-to-be Jessica Dennis got engaged just nine weeks ago while on holiday in Prague. He wrote, ‘To my loving fiance…thank you for flying to Bali immediately to be by my side, you are my rock, and I would be lost without you. He confirmed that he had cleared his final surgery and was ‘feeling lucky to be alive. 


So far, over 300 people have donated to the GoFundMe page for Evans’ medical fees. His community is trying to raise AUD 80,000 and has raised just over AUD 43,000 so far. The community has plans to individually thank the blood donors when the situation has settled down some more. 

Incidences like Evans’ are sadly all too common in Bali. Dozens of tourists end up in ICU every year due to moped crashes on the island. Tourists are reminded to take out fully comprehensive travel or international medical insurance before they leave their homes.


Travelers must also check with their insurance providers whether they are covered for driving abroad and that their international driving licenses are up to date. Many policies do not cover such incidences if the claimant does not have every last piece of paperwork.

Some travelers involved in vehicle collisions have found out during their hardest moments that insurance providers won’t pay out if the claimant did not have a specific moped license as a part of their standard car driving license or has not acquired an international driver’s license from the relevant authorities in their home country.

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Wednesday 28th of September 2022

Bet he was drunk,speeding and no helmet. Probably no bike license back in his home country. No sympathy from me.

Klaus Hoffmann

Friday 23rd of September 2022

Gerade mit der deutschen Versicherung telefoniert (ADAC) und im Internet bestätigt, Kosten für eine Auslandsreise-Krankenversicherung including Covid-19:

Vergleich in AU$

Ein Bier 🍺 deutsches Oktoberfest 20,-

Auslandsreise-Krankenversicherung 24,-

Tey medical bills 😱 180.000,-

Klaus Hoffmann

Friday 23rd of September 2022

Zunächst erstmal herzlichen Glückwunsch, Tey, dass du diesen Horrorunfall überlebt hast, und was die Medizin heute leisten kann, ist einfach unglaublich.

Allerdings sind auch die wahnsinnigen Kosten für eine medizinische Behandlung gerade nach schweren Unfällen bekannt - deshalb ist es unverständlich, weshalb immer noch Touristen ohne eine Auslandsreise-Krankenversicherung unterwegs sind "ich bin jung und gesund, was soll mir schon passieren".

Bei der Einreise ist es praktisch unmöglich, hunderte internationale Versicherungs-Policen zu kontrollieren, deshalb eine einfache Lösung: ein ausreichender Versicherungs-Schutz wird gesetzlich vorgeschrieben, jeder Tourist bestätigt durch seine Unterschrift auf dem Einreise-Formular, dass er im Besitz einer Kranken- und Unfallversicherung ist - wenn nicht, muss er für alle entstehenden Kosten selbst aufkommen.

Auslandsreise-Krankenversicherung sind saubillig, wenn man die gesamten Urlaubskosten gegenrechnet.

Es sei nochmal an den hervorragenden Service von Kreditkarten mit Krankenversicherung bis zu 90 Tagen im Ausland (Barclays Platinum Double) erinnert.

Dass ich als Autofahrer einen Mopedführerschein auf Bali brauche, war mir neu.

(Auf so eine komische Karre 🦼 setze ich mich sowieso nicht rauf).


Friday 23rd of September 2022

There are locals who have been bitten by dogs while riding a motorcycle. But somehow they managed to avoid the dogs or get immediate help for their non-fatal injuries. But somehow it did not make local or international headlines. Go figure!!

Wayan Bo

Friday 23rd of September 2022

Medical aid of best quality should be for free in Indonesia!