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Young British Couple Remain In Critical Condition In Bali After Moped Crash

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A young British couple remains in intensive care in Bali after a serious bike collision on Sunday 12th June. Initial reports from Bali-based news outlets suggested that the couple were knocked unconscious on impact after swerving to avoid a moped turning on the road ahead and both rolled beneath an on-coming car.

Reports in UK media suggest that they were hit by a car that pulled out in front of them. The couple’s friends and family back in the UK have launched a fundraising campaign to cover medical costs as the reality of their injuries is much more serious than first thought. 

Family and friends have spoken with major news outlets in the UK, including national broadcaster ITV, to highlight the situation and to raise emergency funds to cover rapidly rising medical bills. Alexander Hoyle, 29, and Joella Grace Senior, 27 were three days into a two-week holiday of a lifetime in Bali. 

Source: JustGiving

According to an update on the couple’s JustGiving page, both Hoyle and Senior have required multiple surgeries since the incident and remain in intensive care in Bali. Hoyle remains unconscious, under heavy sedation. In the coming days, he will undergo further surges to repair his jaw, cheekbones, and temporal bones.

His family is said to be waiting for results from a CT scan to establish whether there will be any lasting impacts from his head injuries. Hoyle also underwent surgery to repair multiple fractured ribs and extensive damage to his diaphragm and liver.

Senior is said to be conscious and in good spirits despite her injuries. She experienced displaced fractures to both her lower arms and fractures to her vertebrae. She has already undergone surgery to plate her collarbone and repair her cheekbones. She is said to be in pain but remains positive about the long road to recovery ahead. 

Credit: BPM Media

Speaking to ITV News, Senior’s mother, Jeni Hall, described the moment she heard the news of the couple’s road accident. She described how she got a phone call from a Canadian woman who witnessed the collision.

“At first it didn’t make any sense and then I wondered if it was somebody trying to get money out of me, but it very quickly became apparent to me that this was very real…I still feel very numb, and not really in touch with my emotions or anything. I am just functioning.’

Hoyle’s family was able to fly out to be with the couple within hours of the incident. In an update on the JustGiving page Hoyle’s mother, Mandy, is said to have had something of a breakthrough with him after he squeezed her hand after she spent time talking with him.

Senior’s father is thought to have flown to Bali on Tuesday morning, her mother will be joining them as soon as she can as she waits for an emergency passport renewal.

Although both travelers are said to have insurance there are reportedly ongoing negotiations about policy payouts. This led to Senior’s family having to pay £34,000 up-front, they were able to access funds via a credit card. This is why friends of the couple have launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise £100,000 to cover immediate medical bills and their travel back to the UK when they are fit enough to fly.

So far the fundraising campaign has raised over £76,000. The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office in the UK have confirmed that they are assisting both families. Authorities in Bali have recently launched a series of campaigns and law changes to help improve road safety on the island. There is yet to be any feedback from Bali Police as to whether an investigation into the collision has been launched.

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J West

Thursday 23rd of June 2022

Bali is Britons deadliest destination.


Thursday 23rd of June 2022

Suggest that Bali rentals are asked to verify the following before being allowed to rent out motorbikes: - Motorbikes serviced as per manufacturer advise and brakes tested prior rental - Valid international licence - Valid medical & medical evacuation insurance - Helmet with SNI sticker - Suitable clothing and shoes and ensure renters are reading pamphlet with important information regarding traffic culture & laws. Failing to do so a suitable high fine to be imposed.


Wednesday 22nd of June 2022

I feel so sorry for these people and pray for there return to a healthy lifestyle if it was me or my kids I would be devastated but why do so many come without insurance and expect funding to get money it should be compolsary to have insurance

Wayan Bo

Thursday 23rd of June 2022

@Mark CHAPPELL, in Cuba for example is Medicare free for everybody.