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British Couple Injured In Serious Bike Collision With Car In Bali

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A young couple from the UK were involved in a serious moped accident on Jalan Raya Peliatan on Sunday 12th June. The Head of Public Relations of the Badung Police, Iptu Ketut Sudana told spoke to the press on 15th June to explain the events as they unfolded and to remind locals and tourists alike to prioritize safety while driving on the island.  

The incident involved two moped scooters and a car. The incident happened around 9.30 on Sunday night, a time when traffic in the Peliatan Neighborhood, Kerobokan, North Kuta is usually quiet. The couple from the UK have been named as Alexander Hoyle, 29, and Joella Grace Senior, 27. Sudana described the collision to reporters as ‘inevitable’.

He shared that Hoyle and Senior were driving a Honda Vario and that they were driving southbound along Jalan Raya Peliatan. It seems that Hoyle and Senior were driving behind a Honda Scoopy driven by I Made Dede Pebriana, 30, and Ni Kadek Citra Hendriani, 25. 

As Pebriana and Hendriani went to make a right turn Hoyle and Senior swerved to avoid clipping their back wheel. As the couple swerved they collided with an on-coming car driven by Tujo Purnomo, 41. The tourist’s Honda Vario skidded away from under them and then fell from the bike and rolled under Purnomo’s Kia Sonet. 

Purnomo walked away from the incident without harm but Hoyle and Senior were left with serious injuries and both lost consciousness on impact. As the driver, Hoyle has been left with the most serious injuries, he had an open wound to his left temple, gashes to his left shoulder, and tarmac burns to his left leg.

Senior had injuries to her head and hands. It is thought she fell hands first before rolling under the car. Both Hoyle and Senior were rushed by ambulance BIMC Hospital in Kuta for treatment. Kuta’s BIMC Hospital is Bali’s main hospital for international patients. 

It is unclear who caused the collision. Police have not suggested that they are launching an investigation, although they did attend the scene. It is possible that Pebriana and Hendriani failed to signal before making the right turn, or that Hoyle and Senior were driving too close to the moped in front of them. 

Pebriana and Hendriani also suffered injuries but were not knocked out during the collision. Pebriana was left with severe grazing to the leg and Hendriani was taken to hospital with a suspected fractured lot of his right leg. They were both taken to Garbamed Hospital in Kerobokan. 

The incident is serving as a reminder for all road users in Bali to prioritize safety. Police in Canggu have also released statements this week reminding tourists that drunk driving is illegal in Bali. They also reminded everyone that it is legally required for moped users to wear a helmet.

In the last 6-months, five foreigners have died in moped accidents in the Canggu area. Police in Canggu has installed banners throughout the area that read ‘Drunk Driving Kills – Wear A Helmet – Don’t Drive Under Influence’. 

In April mother of two Peta Richards nipped out on her scooter to buy a birthday present for her two-year-old son. She was caught up in a hit-and-run incident that left her in a coma for days and needed a medical evacuation flight back to her home in Melbourne. 

As Bali’s peak season approached travelers are reminded to take out fully comprehensive insurance and to check whether their travel insurance policy or vehicle insurance, covers them to drive in Indonesia. Travelers are reminded to check that they have their international driving license with them while driving and to drive with caution and awareness. While driving cars or moped in Bali is generally very safe, every year tourists find themselves in dreadful accidents on the road. 

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J West

Monday 20th of June 2022

Bali is statistically the deadliest destination for Brits abroad. Hope you’ve decided “casket or ashes” in your updated ‘Last Will and Testament’ before you left home. And for Gods sake, make sure you take out medical/ air ambulance repatriation insurance. You don’t want to deal with a head trauma in a Bali hospital. Welcome to “paradise”.

Wayan Bo

Friday 17th of June 2022

Some bules even to drunk to walk but then they start to drive.


Friday 17th of June 2022

Remember you must have a motorcycle license in order for your travel insurance to work. If you have insurance and no license and are in a moped crash. better you say you were a passenger.