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World’s Biggest Beach Club Gets Seal Of Approval In Bali

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Did you know that Bali is home to the biggest beach club in the world?

Atlas Beach Club in Canggu is the biggest entertainment venue in Bali, featuring not only the beach club itself but a lifestyle center, food courts, luxury night club, and community hub. 

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As Atlas Beach Club approaches its first anniversary, the venue was visited by Indonesia’s Minster for Tourism and Creative Economies, Sandiaga Uno. During his visit, Minster Uno congratulated the venue on being the biggest beach club in the world. 

During an audience with representatives from Atlas Beach Fest representatives at the Rama Room, Sheraton Kuta Bali, on Sunday, 18th June, he shared his praise with the team. He expressed his appreciation for the uniqueness of the mega-venue and for its work in attracting tourism to Bali from all around the world. 

Minister Uno also highlighted how the beach club has become a prominent employer in the area, contributing to creating economic growth. He took the opportunity to stress the importance of collaboration between the private and public sectors in order to promote high-quality tourism in Indonesia. 

During the meeting, the group also discussed hopes that Atlas Beach Club will be in a position to host high-class sporting events in the near future. The Director of National and International Events for the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Dessy Ruhati, shared that Bali is sitting on huge potential in this space.

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Atlas Beach Fest is home to Atlas Beach Club, which is the biggest beach club in the world, and W Atlas Superclub, which is the biggest nightclub in Bali. Boasting top-tier DJs every night of the week, there is something happening every moment of every day at Atlas Beach Fest. 

W Atlas Superclub is open every day from 10pm until 4am, giving party lovers the all-night adventure they are seeking. The beach club itself has broad appeal, bringing in solo travelers, friend groups, and families too. On 5th August 2023, Atlas Beach Fest will be celebrating its one-year anniversary with a live set from none other than Grammy-nominated rapper Tyga. 

In a statement, Atlas Beach Fest’s Director of Operations, Ben Leek, has said, “Atlas Beach Club’s 1st-anniversary party is a celebration of all the incredible moments we’ve shared with our guests throughout the year.

He continued, “We’re thrilled to have Tyga as our headliner, and we’re confident that this anniversary extravaganza will be an experience that will be remembered for years.” General admission tickets start at IDR 300,000, with VIP pre-sale packages starting at IDR 750,000. 


Atlas Beach Fest is clearly making an effort to be a high-value asset to Bali, not only for tourists but also for the community too.

The venue regularly hosts free family-friendly community events, as well as free health checkups and kinds of events where the Atlas team comes together to uplift vulnerable and marginalized communities in Bali. 

The venue offers more than just a party, much more, in fact. Atlas Beach Fest is home to the longest poolside in Southeast Asia, offering specular sunset views over Berawa Beach.

The massive communal area is home to the biggest street market in Bali, showcasing some of the best of Indonesia’s food and beverage scene. 


It is true that no trip to Bali would be complete without a day at one of the island’s iconic beach clubs. Atlas Beach Fest may be the biggest on the island, but each beach club offers its own unique slice of perfection.

Down in Uluwatu, Sunday’s Beach Club offers visitors access to a pristine stretch of shoreline and unlimited water sports activities, including kayaking and standup paddling. 


Over in Nusa Dua newly reopened Kulkul Beach House is serving up its own kind of paradise in the ultra-luxurious resort. Known for its luxurious minimalist vibe, the stylish Kulkul Beach House offers divine signature cocktails and a fantastic farm-to-table menu. 

Want the beach club vibes but feeling the need for some greenery? Be sure to also check out the jungle clubs that surround Ubud. These day clubs offer guests five-star resort passes for a fraction of the five-star price tag!

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Monday 26th of June 2023

If you think about these and other comments they're made mainly by expats and centred around reminiscence, maintaining it, directing the future or keeping the past ambience. A lot is disguised as negative impact on future growth. But I'd suggest that's maybe just protecting your nest. Sure there's some proposed things that raise the 'what the?' But it's their country and they have the absolute right to call things as they see it. And a reminder. The Balinese thought process is different to bule. If you want to make suggestions or criticism learn to, and understand their way.


Saturday 24th of June 2023

Disgusting, this is what is killing Bali.


Tuesday 27th of June 2023

@BaliDuck, No it's not. It's evolving and will continue to evolve.


Monday 26th of June 2023

@Shorty, Bali is being killed- a slow horrible death. They are turning paradise into a nightmare of greed.


Sunday 25th of June 2023

@Andrew, Bali is not being 'killed'. Check the incoming tourist numbers. Check the popularity and numbers going to the clubs. Yes it's different to 'back in my day....' That's irrelevant.


Saturday 24th of June 2023

Their success shows there's a demand. And a big contribution to the economy. You don't like it? Don't go. Their market is not us (older?) expats. It's now, not then. Yes like many other tourist enterprises they change the ambience of the area. It has happened for 50+ years, and will continue to happen as tourist numbers grow. You've some choices. Embrace it. Accept it. Move.


Friday 23rd of June 2023

I am wondering if someone just copied and pasted this entire article from an Atlas promo leaflet?


Friday 23rd of June 2023

This place (Atlas Beach Club) is a nightmare. Try reading through the reviews of it on Google Maps. The impact on local residents (locals and long term expats) has been very damaging. Huge walls that block people's views that have lived there for years, incredible noise from huge sound systems every day late into the night than be be hear 1-2 KM away. And it is incredibly expensive. There are some idiot richkid narcissists who think it is cool though. In my view it the polar opposite of what Bali needs because the sort of vacuous moron who thinks it is cool isn't going to have the sort of cultural respect for Bali most locals want to see.


Monday 26th of June 2023

@BaliEyewitness, Taking selfies and staring at their phones is paradise for these narcissists.