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Treehouse Hotel In Bali Combines Adventure With Comfort

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If you thought a holiday in a treehouse meant skimping on comfort – think again.

At this jaw-dropping hidden treehouse lodge in Bali – described as an ‘experimental treetop boutique hotel, an architectural experience for adventurers’ – luxury is abundant.

And there are Instagrammable scenes aplenty. It’s an exotic haven that begs to be put on bucket lists for when international travel is back on the agenda.

Treehouse hotel

Called Lift Bali, guests can relax in beautiful four-poster beds, sip sundowners in an eye-catching bar, stretch in an elevated yoga area and lap up the exotic leafy surrounds while reclining in treetop hammocks.

The park-like setting also holds a small sauna, a diminutive but perfectly formed pool and recreational areas.

The property, located in Ubud, is made up of three 39ft-tall (12-metre) towers created by cutting-edge German architect Alexis Dornier.

The designs are bold, ‘a surreal mix of impermanent industrial structures embedded into a tropical forest’.

lift hotel
lift hotel 2

There are three towers – the Ernest Hemingway House, George Orwell House and Stanley Kubrik House – and all are accessed via spiral staircases.

As well as king-sized beds, the treehouses also boast luxury bathrooms, private terraces and furniture made from recycled timber.

lift hotel room interior
lift hotel room interior 2

‘Taking advantage of the height on aspects like passive cooling, passive shading through adjacent trees, being away from mosquito shrub and simply enjoying another vantage point was only a few of the design drivers shaping this place.’

There’s a total absence of concrete and the towers are all on legs, so they have a ‘less invasive footprint and impact, plus they are cost-effective and faster to build’.

The architects added: ‘We aimed to create spaces where people could retreat to and be detached and off the ground.

‘We wanted to evoke a sense of impermanence and allow for other experimental structures to fill in the blanks in the future.

‘We are now collaborating with other architects on experimenting with new shapes, materials and organizational ideas – all surrounding the idea of off-the-ground structures.’

There are plans to extend the hotel – and ideas are welcome.

The hotel said in a statement: ‘We welcome studios to chip in their ideas in the form of a small competition that we will launch soon. For further information, visit’ 

The Lift houses, which cost from AUD $40 a night, are all air-conditioned and come with en-suite bathroom and shower and free Wi-Fi. For more information on the rooms visit Lift Bali

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