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Travellers Using Sanur Port Increased During Easter Holiday

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The Sanur Port facility has been busy with domestic tourists who plan to go to Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan during the Easter holiday.

One of the staff from the Sanur Port facility, I Gusti Agus Prio Sudharma said that the influx of domestic tourists into Bali during this holiday season has increased activity of the Sanur Port this week. “Since the beginning of Easter the amount of tourists who have been using the Sanur port to take the fast boats has increased by 30%. I hope this is a good sign before we can finally reopen the border for international visitors.” Sudharma said on Sunday (4/4).

Sudharma also explained that the Sanur port needs to provide more boats to handle the influx of domestic tourists. “Since the Covid-19 pandemic struck over a year ago we were only operating 5 to 7 boats each day, but in the last three days we could operate up to 11 boats.” Sudharma added. The port facility began to receive more passengers on Friday (2/4), while the peak of its activity occurred on Saturday (3/4).

He predicted that the reverse flow would occur on Sunday (4/4), as the people will have to go back to their normal routines on Monday. Meanwhile Sudharma also ensured the visitors that all the prevention protocols were implemented at the port facility despite the increase of their activity. “We keep on disinfecting our facility including the ticket counters every morning before we start our operation at 9:00am.” Sudharma concluded.

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