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Traditional Healing Plants Set To Shine In Bali’s Wellness Tourism Space

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Over the next few years, Bali will be investing heavily in medical health and wellness tourism.

As the island gets set to welcome the Bali International Hospital in Sanur and intensify efforts to promote culture and sustainable tourism, tourists seeking rest and rejuvenation will be in for a treat. 

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The ex-governor of Bali, Wayan Koster, passed a series of decrees that will ensure medical professionals on the inland and traditional healers will work together to create and integrate healthcare systems across the province.

The integrated health offering will bring together Western medicine and traditional Balinese medicine practices that will be on offer to local communities and tourists. 

In early 2024, Bali will celebrate the opening of the long-anticipated Bali International Hospital in Sanur. The ambitious international hospital project will position Bali as one of the leading medical tourism facilities in South East Asia.

The hospital is set to attract private Indonesian patients and medical tourists from around the world. 

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The Bali International Hospital will be surrounded by a medicinal garden filled with thousands of healing plants that have been used to promote health and recovery in Bali and across the archipelago for centuries.

Healing herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables, and plants play a significant role in the Balinese family medicine cupboard to this day, and in the coming years, the provincial government wants to see these traditional plant medicines become a keystone of the health and wellness tourism space in Bali. 

While Bali is a destination best known for beachside vacations and a world-class party scene, there is an ever-increasing demand for health and wellness experiences by tourists. This can range from massages to juice detoxes, yoga classes, meditation sessions to full mind-body-soul reset retreats.

A program launched in August called Ethnowellness of the Archipelago will focus on showcasing experiences linked to health, fitness, and wellness in a way that is inspired by the traditional wellness and health principles of the different ethnic groups around Indonesia.

Speaking at the launch of the promotional campaign the Head of the Bali Tourism Office, Tjok Bagus Pemayun, said that Bali is in a prime position to deliver even more world-class health and wellness experiences for tourists that are already on offer. 

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From spas to retreats, yoga schools, farm stays, and healthy restaurants, even tourists who visit Bali for reasons other than health and wellness inevitably dip their toes into the space. 

Moving forward, tourists can expect to see more traditional medicinal herbs on offer across hotels, restaurants, cafes, and spas and even available to buy as souvenirs or additions to their own medicine cabinets at home.

Leaders in Bali want to see traditional Balinese medical products easily available in the international marketplace. 


Local businesses like Bukit Hexon are on a mission to showcase the best of Balinese healing herbs to tourists.

They have partnered with Balinese souvenir shops across the island’s busiest resorts, like the gigantic Krishna Oleh-Oleh souvenir shop, to make it easier than ever for tourists to take a little of the healing magic of the Island of the Gods home with them. 

Bukit Hexon is one of the only businesses in Bali that have successfully obtained licenses to class their healing herbs as medicinal. PT Karya Pak Oles Tokcer is now operating as Bukit Hexon. 

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All the ingredients of the teas are grown in Bengkel Village in the north of Bali. The three teas that have been granted a medicinal license have been branded as the Bokashi Teas, three herbal drinks, each with their distinct medicinal properties. 

Bukit Hexon says that their Chinese Teak Leaf Tea has been shown to help digestive ailments; Mahkota Dewa Tea is said to be an impactful pain killer and relieves aches and pains.

The Red Ginger Tea is said to help reduce inflammation within the body. The brand, already in operation since 1997, is popular with Indonesian people across the country and an increasing amount of foreigners too. 

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J West

Sunday 29th of October 2023

Sure, let’s forget about the garbage strewn island roadways, walkways and trails …plastic diaper beaches wet with flowing untreated hotel discharge waste, rivers of garbage laden ravines and a toxic sewage ocean. Oh… and let’s hope the garbage fires aren’t still burning. Only if tourism is suspended and Bali puts 2-3 years of intensive remediation to clean up the horrid mess will the island ever be recognized as a “health retreat”.


Monday 30th of October 2023

@J West, You saved me from having to write the same things. They are absolutely clueless, can't organize a booze up in a brewery, and don't realise that most repeat tourists have gone elsewhere. Bali is the pits these days. I was there for the 30th time March to May this year. It was so filthy that I will never return. The government are clowns and the locals see us as 100,000 dollar bills on legs. Thailand, Costa Rica, Spain, France, Greece are all infinitely better.


Sunday 29th of October 2023

Here we go folks! There'll be all kinds of "Healers" and "Heal All" natural drugs on every street corner. Another way to scam the unsuspecting and gullible tourists. Good luck tourists, you'll need it!

Wayan Bo

Sunday 29th of October 2023

Drinking Earls Gray tea and reading that majority of US and EU citizens are becoming poorer then they was before pandemic times…EU checking if Iran and Turkey have declared war on Israel…More and more persons sick because of C-19…RF loosing over 300k troops since the war begun…A REAL NEED FOR WELLNESS.