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Bali To Invest In Promoting World Class Spa Experiences For Tourists

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Is there a better place in the world to relax and restore than in Bali? The Island of the Gods is held in high regard by international travelers as being a destination where spa treatments, wellness services, and healthy living are easily accessible. 

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Now, the Head of the Provincial Tourism Office wants to see Bali take its spa and wellness sector to the next level.

As leaders begin carving a new era of tourism on the island, it is clear that they want to see high-quality and culturally respectful tourism experiences promoted to visitors. 

Tjok Bagus Pemayun has told the media about a new approach by the tourism board to promote ethnowellness to visitors.

The campaign is called Ethnowellness of the Archipelago and is focused on promoting experiences linked to fitness and health in a way that is informed and inspired by the traditional wellness and health principles of the different ethnic groups around Indonesia.

Ethnowellness includes practices such as yoga, meditation as well as massage, and other traditional healing modalities used by local communities.

This, Pemayun says, will help bring together a high-quality tourism experience for tourists and promote Balinese culture in an impactful way. 

Pemayun explained that Bali is in a prime position to be a world leader in ethnowellness tourism. He shared, “there are two [aspects] health and wellness tourism and medical tourism. Bali has a strong brand. So for example, if you want the best spa, you come to Bali.” 

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It is not only Bali that will be taking part in the Ethnowellness of the Archipelago promotional campaign.

While Bali will be the flagship tourist destination, the campaign will also promote ethnowellness experiences in other parts of the country.

Healing and wellness principles from the Madurese, Sudanese, Betawi and Sulawesi cultures will also be platformed and promoted. 

Speaking at the launch event, Yulia Himawati who is the Chair of the Indonesia Wellness Spa Professional Association, shared how the campaign will help boost tourism.

Himawati said “by carrying out traditional Balinese therapy it is hoped that spas in Bali will become quality tourist destinations and there will be no more negative stigma about spas.”

@travelwithholl the perfect spa for a girls day! They even offer flower baths #balitips #bali ♬ original sound – Hol🏝️

Bali is home to some of the most impressive and luxurious spas in the world. Many of the most highly regarded spas can be found in the 5-star resorts in destinations like Ubud and Uluwatu.

The Asa Maia Spa in Bali is a firm favorite of the national tourism board, Wonderful Indonesia. The spa in the heart of Seminyak offers everything from traditional massage to yoga and meditation classes.

There’s even an in-house cafe that serves up healthy meals to refuel and refresh after a treatment. 


Bali will soon become an even bigger player in the medical and wellness industry. In early 2024, the new Bali International Hospital in Sanur will open its doors.

The hospital is set to become one of the best medical tourism facilities in Asia. The hospital will be a private health facility working to support international and private domestic patients. 


The Bali International Hospital is set to have 250 inpatient beds in addition to dedicated specialist facilities.

The hospital will specialize in cardiology, neurology, critical illness (ICU), gastroenterology, and orthopedics.

What will set the Bali International Hospital apart is the integrative health approach that will be employed across the board. 

As a part of the provincial government’s mission to preserve and promote Balinese culture, the hospital will offer patients Western medical treatments as well as complementary therapies rooted in Balinese traditional medicine. 


Last week, Bali’s Governor Wayan Koster signed new legislation to help bring together traditional medicine practitioners and Western medicine practitioners to create a new integrative health system in Bali.

He wants to see Balinese herbal medicine practiced as a complementary therapy in hospitals and promoted within the wellness and tourism industry on the island. 

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Thursday 24th of August 2023

Its very difficult to get a decent massage here. Mostly it's a cup of oil poured on your back and one hand goes up and down while the other one plays with their mobile phone.


Friday 25th of August 2023

@Edward, haha, true that