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Major Changes In The Works To Improve Tourist Traffic Issues In Bali’s Uluwatu

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Officials in Bali have confirmed that an IDR 80 billion budget has been signed to acquire land to build a new road that will alleviate a huge amount of the island’s tourism traffic woes.

The new road will be built in the increasingly popular resort of Uluwatu.

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As the resort of Uluwatu soars in popularity, more and more investment in tourism is pouring into the area.

As more hotels, villas, beach clubs, and cafes are built, more cars and buses come onto the narrow roads of the Bukit Peninsula, and the pressure is starting to show.

Traffic congestion in the Uluwatu area has hit the headlines this year more than once, and without serious mitigation and infrastructure changes, tourists may start to look to stay elsewhere simply to avoid traffic while on vacation.

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The Nirmala-Uluwatu Intersection is famously the most congested area, with traffic backing up morning, noon, and night. With tourist demand for travel experiences in Uluwatu only increasing, the Badung Regency wants to get ahead of the game

The Badung Regional Secretary, I Wayan Adi Arnawa, has confirmed that the new road will help mitigate traffic congestion at the Nirmala-Uluwatu Intersection, through Jalan Uluwatu, and around the GWK Cultural Park.

He told reporters, “Indeed, we often find traffic jams at these points. So, it needs handling as soon as possible to unravel the congestion.”

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While plans are well underway, construction on the road won’t begin until mid-2024 at the earliest. The first phase of land acquisition is underway, and further land will be bought by the government in early 2024. A further IDR 100 billion of land will be acquired in order to construct the new road. 

Arnawa shared how the new road will ultimately benefit tourists heading to Uluwatu. He explained, “So tourists who want to visit Uluwatu will no longer return to this route but will divert in a different direction or circle on a new road.” 

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He revealed, “Will it pass through the Labuan Sait road or a new access? That’s what we’re still working on. This is also in accordance with the program from the Regent of Badung.”

Not only will a new road be constructed, but a series of existing roads will be widened in order to accommodate more traffic. Some roads will be widened by 24-30 meters in order to facilitate an easier flow of traffic, which will cut down travel time for tourists. 


Arnawa concluded, “This is the government’s commitment to support tourism in Uluwatu. Therefore, the South Ring Road program starts from the west, namely in Uluwatu. This will be a priority to anticipate traffic jams at the Nirmala intersection.”

Uluwatu is a beach lovers paradise in Bali. The resort brings together some of the finest hotels on the island, together with the most famous beach clubs, incredible international restaurants, and, of course, truly breathtaking views of the ocean. 


As the area becomes as popular as resorts like Canggu, officials are acutely aware that infrastructure and management of tourism attractions in the area must evolve and grow to support demand.

Last week, officials announced a new zoning management strategy at the incredible Pandawa Beach. The strategy is designed to help ensure everyone who visits the beach has an enjoyable and undisrupted time.

Pandawa Beach will now be zoned into four sections. The first zone will be assigned as a public access beach, the second section will be dedicated to new beach clubs and entertainment businesses, the third section will promote eco-tourism operations, and the final section of the beach will be available for private hire. 


The beach is currently welcoming 5,000-7,000 people per day, and as more tourists learn about the stunning beach in Uluwatu, the new zoning management will help ensure that the area doesn’t feel overcrowded.

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Saturday 26th of August 2023


More destruction of the Environment and Mass tourism ruining the once sleepy, getaway area.


Thursday 24th of August 2023

What about the congestion already for AGES in Canggu, and the bottleneck in Seminyak?


Friday 25th of August 2023

@Julie, Visited Corner House in Seminyak once. Impossible to relax due to hellish traffic outside.


Friday 25th of August 2023

@Julie, Ever heard of the 3 monkeys?


Thursday 24th of August 2023

#Destroy Bali#