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Tourists Wowed By Sneak Peak At Designs For Bali’s New Eco-Beach Club

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An exciting new ultra environmentally sustainable beach club is coming to Bali.

Situated overlooking Nyanyi Beach, Luna Beach Club will play a huge role in the evolving Naunu City. 

Gorgeous Bali Beach Club Is Making Waves In The Nusa Islands

Luna Beach Club, which is set to open its doors in July 2024 is going to be one of the most majestic beach club complexes in Bali.

Radically dedicated to creating a world where sustainability and regeneration are standard, the teams behind Luna Beach Club and Naunu City are building a whole new eco-world for tourists and the local community to enjoy. 

With finer details kept closely under wraps, the team has unveiled some of the truly breathtaking designs that are under construction at Luna Beach Club.

All materials at Luna Beach Club are sustainably sourced and designed to integrate into the landscape. The site is just 15 minutes from the heart of Canggu and 10 minutes from Tanah Lot temple.

Luna Beach Club will feature the Elysium Lounge, the club’s most exclusive retreat space, general entry guests will have access to the Luna Beer Garden, the Luna Restaurant, the Jelly Beans Gelato Bar, and the Beach Club itself.

There are yet more intimate and exclusive areas to explore too, Table 369 will feature just 12 seats and offer a truly unique culinary journey to real foodies, as well as Utopia, which has been described as “the epitome of luxury and exclusivity at our beach club Luna is designed to cater to the most discerning guests, with a stunning pool as its centerpiece.”

Bali lovers who attended the 2023 Suara Festival at Nuanu City were given an exclusive first peak at the work in progress.

The beach club project has been under construction for over two years, with teams working meticulously to ensure that the buildings are built to the highest standard, leaving minimal impact in their wake.

The festival is expected to return in May 2024, but no announcements have been made as of yet.

There are heaps happening in Nuanu City. It is not only the Luna Beach Club that will be helping to bring the city to life but new living quarters too.

The site spans over 44 hectares and the Nuanu creative team has allotted the space to nine re-creation areas for specific purposes including education, events, communities, improvement, and more.

In late November priests from the local temple visited the site to bless the land ready for the construction of the new Ecoverse Apartment complex.

Speaking to reporters at the Ngeruwak Ceremony the Co-Founder of the Nuanu Property Group Vadim Larinov, said “We are delighted that the construction of the Ecoverse project has begun according to our plans, but even before this project started, we had ‘early investors’ who loved and believed in Ecooverse. And I am optimistic that Ecooverse will be a vanguard of sustainable and environmentally-wise housing.”

The Ecoverse complex will be a sustainable luxury resort and residence with 49 apartments and townhouses.

It is the first investment opportunity for eco-lovers in Nuanu City, which is Bali’s newly developed creative district. Ecoverse has been planned with the future in mind.


The team behind the revolutionary new developments says that the principles employed at Nuanu will showcase how to eliminate many of the major disadvantages of visiting and living in Bali, such as poor waste management, dangerous traffic conditions, lack of sidewalks for pedestrians, and unreliable water and electricity management.

Ecoverse is being developed in partnership with OXO Group Indonesia which is a boutique property development and management company with a vision to create an easy lifestyle.


Since its launch in 2015, OXO properties have become renowned for their uncompromising standards, intelligent design, exceptional service, and a sustainable future.

Currently, OXO has more than 20 properties in Bali, including private residences, villas, townhouses, studios, and a 20-meter-long cruise ship in Komodo National Park. 

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Monday 8th of January 2024

Doff doff music coming to Nyanyi?

The company mentioned (OXO) seems from their online site to have a business plan of selling leasehold villas to foreigners priced at triple of cost. Example is 2 bedroom townhouse (125m2) on 100m2 land priced at 4.5 Milyar which probably will cost them 1.5 Milyar or so to build. Some foreigners are really gullible.


Sunday 7th of January 2024

Everytime the local government decide to block off roads or places to turn around they are NOT fixing traffic congestion, they are making it worse by forcing those vehicles to be on the road longer. Both bypass tunnels are a joke. The tunnel should run the full length of sunset Rd AND the Bypass with exit lanes that merge to ground level. Funding should be easy. Only 10% of businesses pay tax. Make the other 90% pay their share.


Monday 8th of January 2024

@Grant, About paying taxes: Last year a Jakarta taxman was arrested after it was "discovered" he had amassed more than USD 30 million. He is not unique. So now you know why the tax system is not working.


Sunday 7th of January 2024

My last visit. Over development, traffic, rude tourists and expat residents, crowded venues, crime, sex trafficking have contributed to destroy a large part of this island and culture.

Much better destinations than "The Last Paradise Island in the World."


Saturday 6th of January 2024

Hmmm ... where is the beach ??? White sandy beach ?? Sorry, sir .. we dont have Bali ... you must go to Gili Islands and / or South Lombok

Wayan Bo

Saturday 6th of January 2024

Snakes are especially active at this time of the year. - Balis “modern architecture” is looking more and more like slums of Mumbai with overcrowded streets Bangladesh style.