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Tourists Face Serious Consequences For Illegal Parking At This Bali Beach

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Bali’s Kuta Beach has long been one of the most popular vacation destinations on the island.

The resort is home to some of the biggest hotel complexes and is loved by holidaymakers from around the world.

However, their local task forces have been kept busy lately. 

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There are a number of local task forces in operation in Kuta.

There is the Tourism Task Force, on regular patrol; the Security Task Force team, who are conducting patrols to combat any criminal activity in the area; the Kuta Beach Task Force, which is in charge of making sure the tourist attraction remains safe and comfortable and soon the Tourism Satpol PP Civil Service Police Unit will be out and about too. 

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Now, the Kuta Beach Task Force is not only monitoring the safety of visitors while they are in the beach area but also helping to monitor the problem of illegal parking violations along Kuta Beach Road.

Illegal parking along the roads along the beachfront and leading to the resort itself causes all manner of problems.

Illegal parking directly impacts traffic congestion and makes it dangerous for pedestrians to walk in the area or cross the road. 

The Chairman of the Kuta Beach Task Force, Wayan Sirna, told reporters that he and his teams are now monitoring the problem of parking violations as a result of coordination with the Kuta Traditional Village Head, Komang Alit Ardana.

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Sirna said, “If it is detected that vehicles are parked haphazardly, patrols will be carried out immediately and a report will be submitted to the Transportation Service (Dishub) and the Civil Service Police Unit (Satpol PP) for further handling.”

He added, “So, we in the task force only give a good warning to violators not to park carelessly.” In recent months, the Satpol PP Unit and the Dishub team have been down to the Kuta Beach area.

They have committed to cracking down on illegal parking in the area, issuing fines for violators, and, in some cases, clamping down the tires of illegally parked cars and motorcycles and even removing vehicles. 

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Sirna revealed that increased patrols were now in place to tackle the problem once and for all. He explained the Kuta Beach Task Force teams each consist of 7 people.

These personnel are on guard with a picket system on an 8-hour rotation, from 8 am until 4 pm, then 4 pm until 11 pm, and finally 11 pm through til the morning. 

Sirna has a clear message for drivers, both tourists and locals. He stressed, “We urge you to park in the parking pockets that have been provided.”

“If you want to park your vehicle on the north side of Kuta Beach, near the Skate Park, it is clear that there is an adequate parking area here.”


Speaking on Monday afternoon, Sirna explained to reporters, “Today, we have paid attention to one car. Usually, if one car is parked haphazardly, other cars will follow, so we pay attention to one car that has violated it. 


“Also, there were two online motorcycle taxis parked east of Candi Bentar; we have also paid attention to that.”

Authorities are enacting an all-hands-on-deck kind of situation in the Kuta tourist resort to help rid the area of crime and illegal activity.

Speaking late last week, the Head of Kuta Police, AKP Ketut Agus Pasek Sudina, revealed that a group of muggers have been found to be operating in the area. He is throwing the full force of the law behind the mission to catch this gang. 


In a press conference, AKP Sudina said, “To the individuals (snatchers) who see this news, I say, don’t do anything wrong, don’t disturb the order here. Don’t disturb tourism here; don’t steal anymore in the Kuta area.”

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Trevor Nicholls

Sunday 11th of February 2024

I absolutely love Bali for its culture and people. However i hope this new parking clampdown also includes bikes on footpaths as well as driving down them which is a serios concern to be because of my disability walking


Saturday 10th of February 2024

Quote "A team has been cracking down on illegal parking in the tourist area, issuing fines for violators, and, in some cases, clamping down the tires of illegally parked cars and motorcycles and even removing vehicles."

Great! Can this team now come to south Denpasar and also Jl Tukad Balian as this main road is full of cars/trucks parked so they block half lane each direction. Many businesses use the road as part of their parking facilities as they are to stingy to rent enough land. This is dangerous and just ridiculous.

Neil kays

Saturday 10th of February 2024

How about stopping people riding along the footpaths and parking bikes on footpaths would be a better idea


Friday 9th of February 2024

All parking is taken early morning by locals working and loitering in the area, so not much left for tourists arriving mid day and afternoon.


Saturday 10th of February 2024

@Exp, parking is always available at skatepark and padma for cars getting parking at the beach is easy getting out is the worst bottlenecks back to sunset road or raya kuta have made me reluctant to bring my business to kuta .Legion. seminyak areas and forget canggu


Friday 9th of February 2024

Looks like that there are more Cops than Tourists on this polluted Beach, 😆


Sunday 11th of February 2024

@alan, Total 440,000 police in all of Indonesia, so scaled to Bali population the number of police in Bali will be 7,000. Considering that Bali is an area with a lot of money in circulation (tourism) and sensitive (religion) it is surely much more than 7,000. In addition we have civil public order police (Satpol PP) that interacts mostly with the locals (noise, burning trash, vice, illegal building etc).


Friday 9th of February 2024

i was told there were only 500 policemen/women in the whole of Bali, is this right.