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Tourism Minister Says Some Businesses Intentionally Violating Prevention Protocols

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Indonesian Tourism Minister, Snadiaga Uno has recently received a report that some businesses are intentionally neglecting covid prevention protocols while operating.

During a virtual press conference on Monday (22/3), Sandiaga said that The Head of National Covid-19 Handling Task Force, Doni Monardo warned him to pay more attention to the implementation of prevention protocols, especially to every accommodation business that operates on the island. “Doni Monardo just told me that there’s a cafe in Bali that is not implementing all the protocols during their operation” Sandiaga said.

He also explained that the cafe put a sticker on each of their guest’s cellphone cameras in order to avoid a lawsuit as the mask-wearing and physical distancing were not mandated for both the guests and the staff. “I had been keeping that information to myself before I finally published it today to the media, because I don’t want to create an uproar especially during our preparation stages of reopening the international travel bubble in June or July 2021” Sandiaga added.

Sandiaga admitted that he already communicated and warned many of the accommodation business owners in Bali, especially the expats to comply with the rules that have been implemented. “Businesses that neglect the protocols will be penalized with USD 70 (IDR 1 million) fines and deportation will be the next phase of punishment for foreign nationals who keep violating the rules” Sandiaga concluded. 

He’s also optimistic that every foreign national who stays in Bali will respect all the rules that have been made in order to prevent Covid-19 transmission in the island.

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Wayan Bo

Saturday 27th of March 2021

B.1.1.7 is about 60% more infective and more deadly. New more dangerous COVID mutations are on arrival.


Thursday 25th of March 2021

what about all the Indonesians that deliberately disregard the rules. There is far far more of them than bule - but bule are a soft target. In Sanur 90 percent of the rue beakers are Indonesian. even worse no helmets on bikes as well. Outside of DFS Starbucks yesterday 3 police officers had their masks on but pulled down to expose their mouths and noses whilst they walked around looking for people without masks. crass stupidity but they do not get mentioned


Friday 26th of March 2021

@Danu, because it is always easier to point fingers onto the others. We, the Indonesians and especially Balinese, we are never wrong. The planed travel bubble is a bubble that will blast. Everyone hoping for a vaccine that by the looks of it does not protect the spread, paired with our none existing discipline when it comes to following rules and our lack of proper hygiene are a recipe for disaster. But of course it won't be our fault when this happens...