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Thousands of Pounds of Garbage Is Being Tossed Into The Jembrana Rivers

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It appears in Jembrana some locals are not getting the message. 

Thounsands of pounds of trash and plastic is being dumped into the waterways from markets and households. 

It’s alleged that Pasar Pagi Lelateng market in Jembrana is one of the main culprits adding to the problem. 

Radar reported that every morning there are still vendors and residents dumping their garbage into the river.

It’s so bad that on rainy days the garbage has to be constantly cleared from blocked waterways to prevent flooding.  

According to residents, garbage in the river  is not only from the Morning Lelateng Market, but garbage from households as well. 

Jembrana trash

The garbage problem in Jembrana has been recognized by the Bali government.

Head of the Jembrana Environment Agency I Wayan Sudiarta, told Radar Bali that “every day there were 164 tons of waste generated, but only 83 tons are handled and only 33 tons are sent to the landfill. The remaining 48 tons of trash are being discharged into the environment.”

The Jembrana district government has contracted out garbage collection to a private party for the next three years. 

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