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The Indonesian President, Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has instructed Bali Officials to increase testing and contact tracing once the border reopens. During the President’s visit to Bali on Friday (8/10), Jokowi and several Bali Officials met at Governor’s Office to discuss the Covid-19 handling progress in Bali. On the agenda was preparations for the reopening of …

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A Bali citizen has proposed that authorities regularly publish their daily Covid-19 testing data to the public. A Denpasar citizen, Nyoman Mardika said that as the officials, the government is required to provide any recent updates, especially about the current Covid-19 testing data in Bali. “I urge the government to not only report the current …

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The Bali provincial government has decided to revoke the usage of the Genose C-19 Breathalyzer Test as an entry requirement for domestic visitors. During a plenary session with Bali Senators on Monday (28/6), Bali Governor, I Wayan Koster announced that the Genose C-19 test for domestic visitors through air travel service has been revoked. This …

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Officials from the Badung regional government have launched an electronic ticketing system and Covid-19 breathalyzer testing at the Uluwatu Temple. Several regional government officials, including the Regent of Badung District, I Nyoman Giri Prasta have implemented e-ticketing and Genose C-19 breath testing at the Uluwatu Temple as it’s one of the main tourist attractions located …

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Officials from Badung regional government have planned to implement the GeNose C-19 breathalyzer test in several tourist attractions in Badung District in the near future. The regional government has approved GeNose C-19 testing in Badung as a prevention method to avoid a surge in Covid-19 cases once the international travel corridor reopens in July. The …

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The Bali Tourism Association has urged officials at Gilimanuk Port to offer GeNose C-19 as a lower-cost alternative to PCR and antigen testing as required to enter Bali. The Tourism Association believes this will help Bali’s economy by attracting more visitors. The Head of Jembrana Hotel and Restaurant Association, Gede Sukadana said that Gilimanuk Port …

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The Badung Regency Government is proposing the central government open international tourism to vaccinated individuals. Badung officials suggest vaccine-based tourism will be able to bring foreign tourists back to the island. They also plan to install COVID-19 screening tools in public facilities, including tourist spots in Badung, while offering airport testing upon arrival.

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Bali authorities inspected nightclubs and cafes in Jembrana while conducting rapid antigen testing on-site Saturday evening (6/2). The operation was conducted to verify compliance with safety protocols in Jembrana, and residents found violating the rules were immediately asked by officers to undergo testing.

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Buleleng COVID-19 Handling Task Force conducted rapid antigen testing during a religious ceremony at Agung Jagatnatha Temple in Buleleng. Attendees at the Pagerwesi celebration on Wednesday (3/2) were selected at random to undergo testing before they were allowed entry into the temple.

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