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Bali Citizen Asks Authorities To Be More Transparent About Their Covid-19 Testing Data

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A Bali citizen has proposed that authorities regularly publish their daily Covid-19 testing data to the public.

(Image: ©The Bali Sun – I Wayan Yatika)

A Denpasar citizen, Nyoman Mardika said that as the officials, the government is required to provide any recent updates, especially about the current Covid-19 testing data in Bali. “I urge the government to not only report the current Covid-19 cases and deaths, but also the Testing, Tracing and Treatment (3T) data for the public.” Mardika said on Friday (23/7).

(Image: ©The Bali Sun – I Wayan Yatika)

He also explained the importance of the 3T data that has been appointed as the indicator for the provincial government to determine the partial lockdown level in one area. “3T data is also considered as our indicator for assessing our government’s performance in handling Covid-19 cases in Bali. So in my opinion citizens must be informed to assure the validity of the data between the current Covid-19 cases and the current Covid-19 patients in Bali.” Mardika added.

(Image: ©The Bali Sun – I Wayan Yatika)

Meanwhile the Head of Bali Health Agency, Dr. Ketut Suarjaya hasn’t officially published the latest data of PCR test results in Bali. He only explained that from the average of 5 people who were tested with PCR test, 1 of them was confirmed positive with Covid-19, while Bali has been targeted by the central government to conduct Covid-19 test to at least 8,233 people per day.  Mardika urged the Bali provincial government to follow the central government policy to regularly publish the recent PCR test data every several days in order to gain more trust from its people.

Officials from the Denpasar city government have confirmed that the recovery rate of Covid-19 in Denpasar has reached 95.51% as of Tuesday (18/5).

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Monday 26th of July 2021

Yes instead of only testing the sick free testing should be available for everyone. More transparent information please

Wayan Bo

Monday 26th of July 2021

It looks very high.


Saturday 24th of July 2021

Why not doing free testing and give results every day how many people been testing please set testing stations across island protect people


Saturday 24th of July 2021

What is the current percentage of people vaccinated in Bali ?????


Monday 26th of July 2021

@Alan, I think it's around 3 million for first dose and 800K for fully. Not bad at all !