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Safety Standards At Bali Theme Parks Set To Level Up

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As a family-friendly travel destination, Bali is home to several incredible theme parks, and there are more in the pipeline.

With the safety and security of tourists and visitors at the forefront of theme park managers’ minds, Indonesia will be working to improve health and safety across theme parks in the country.

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During a visit to Bali Safari Park last week, Indonesia’s Minister for Tourism and Creative Economies, Sandiaga Uno, spoke of the importance of health and safety at tourism facilities.

He noted that the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions Asia Pacific Spring Summit was the perfect platform to discuss ways in which Indonesia can level up education on safety. The summit was held in Bali on the 7th and 8th March. 

Speaking to reporters about his visit to Bali Safari Park, Minister Uno said, “What we’ve talked about a lot is the safety and security aspects of each recreation park. There are many incidents where if we don’t focus on the security aspect, undesirable things can happen.”

Minister Uno continued “I want this opportunity to be used and followed by there presence of recreational parks that can educate, provide entertainment and also provide benefits to the local economy; that can open up business opportunities, and employment opportunities.”

During the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, Asia Pacific Spring Summit, tourism leaders visited Bali Safari and Waterbom in Kuta.

Discussion sessions and workshops covered topics like “Safeguarding Attractions: Getting Safety Right the First Time” and “Creating An Ethical And Entertaining Zoo Experience.”

Waterbom’s CEO Sayan Gulino gave a talk on “The Power of Green,” as the waterpark is one of the most sustainable tourism attractions on the island. 

Waterbom is one of Bali’s leading tourist attractions and has undergone a series of incredible renovation and upgrades in the last year.

With more slides, more space and more fun on offer Waterbom is not a day out only for the kids, but the big kids too. 

Waterbom’s Oasis Garden officially opened to the public in late 2023 and features four new waterslides, a stunning lagoon-style swimming pool, and, of course, a swim-up bar for the premium waterpark experience.

The Oasis Garden also offers visitors the chance to kick back and relax under cabanas and gazebos, available to hire for the day and a world-class spa offering too. 

Tourists on the lookout for a family-friendly waterpark day out on the Bukit should head to the newly renovated New Kuta Green Park. Located just off Jalan Rama Uluwatu, the New Kuta Green Park is an affordable day out for young families.


Bali’s theme park offering is about to get even bigger. Construction is reportedly underway over in Jembrana Regency on the new Universal Parks & Gardens Bali.

Referred to by locals as Disneylandnya, despite the park being built in association with Universal and Paramount Pictures, the theme park is rumored to become one of the biggest of its kind in South East Asia. 


Little has been revealed about the Universal Park & Gardens Bali but the Regent of Jembrana, I Nengah Tamba, has shared that the theme park will be constructed over 600 hectares of land.

Speaking to reporters in July 2023 Regent Tamba said “With funds of IDR 14 trillion, this theme park is expected to boost the tourism sector in Jembrana. So we really hope that everything goes according to plan.”


There is an island-wide mission to bring more tourism to lesser-visited areas of the island. Jembrana Regency, located in the far west of Bali, is one of the least visited regions of the island by both domestic and international tourists.

Aside from being the gateway to West Bali National Park, Jembrana Regency has really very little tourism infrastructure compared to Badung Regency.

Universal Park & Gardens Bali is hoped to be a flagship tourism attraction in the region, attracting both Indonesian and international tourists for decades to come. 

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Wayan Bo

Thursday 14th of March 2024

Because of its safety it’s nicknamed Ular Bsar 🐍


Wednesday 13th of March 2024

Bali and "safety standards" in the same sentence? Surely this will be limited to some educated and idealistic operators as I doubt the authorities will initiate any changes to the better. Just look at how most villa/house construction site is managed. A miracle that more accidents are not happening. I guess if you carry cinderblocks barefoot, traversing roof at 8 meter height unsecured or use the electric drill during rain this sharpen the focus and concentration.


Thursday 14th of March 2024

@Shorty, In Australia fatality rate for workers is 1.4 per 100,000 workers. In Indonesia this number is reported around 8 fatalities per 100,000 worker. That said I doubt the Indonesian bother to include numbers from their huge informal sector.


Thursday 14th of March 2024


Is the worksight accident rate any higher than places like Australia which have stringent regs?