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Russian Tourist Arrested For Stealing Motorbike In Bali Admits His Motives

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On Friday 17th June a Russian national was arrested by Bali police for stealing a motorbike in Kenderan Village in Tegallalang. 

The Chief of Giyanar Police AKBP I Made Bayu Sutha Sartana, told the local press that a Russian citizen with the initials GR, aged 31, has been detained by police after stealing a Honda Vario. The motorcycle was left behind in a locked gated yard close to Pondok Wisata Ika Kitchen.

The keys were left in the vehicle and GR is said to have scaled the gate to steal the motorcycle. GR’s attempt to get away with the moped was thwarted when he was unable to open the gate from the inside. This caught the attention of local security who called the police and had him arrested. 

Since Friday 17th, GR has been detained by Giyanar Police. Speaking to the newspapers on Wednesday 29th June the Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the Gianyar Police, Bali AKP Ario Seno Wimoko shared more details of the investigation and insights into GR’s motives. 

AKP Wimoko told reporters that GR entered Bali as a tourist within the last two months and is struggling with his detainment. AKP Wimoko reported that during questioning GR admitted to stealing the moped and that he did so to fund losses that he made by investing in cryptocurrency.

It is thought that he is in debt and needed to generate funds to repay losses as quickly as possible. GR is thought to be near bankrupt and was planning on stealing the moped to sell on the black market. 

Speaking opening AKP Wimoko told reporters that GR’s behavior has been erratic and concerning. He. Is said to be throwing tantrum and disturbing other detainees. While prison and holding cells are seldom pleasant places to be, GR’s actions have been distressing to other detainees who have otherwise been calm and collected. 

‘He was shouting and he broke the iron of the prisoner, broke the water faucet, damaged the bathroom door, that’s more or less his behavior…he was just stressed because he really couldn’t go home because he had to be detained’.

Concerned by GR’s declining behavior the Gianyar Police transferred him to the. Bangli Mental Hospital for an assessment, before returning him to the cell block. The psychiatrists at Bangli Hospital said that he was not currently suffering from any chronic mental illness. 

Bali Police have not stated what support has been made available for GR, it is not known if he can speak English or whether he has received support from the Russian Consulate. Although GR did not get away with the moped, he was caught in the act of committing a crime and will be charged with theft.

Bali Police have not yet suggested whether he will be tried and either fined or be served with a prison sentence or simply deported. 

Last week Bali Police deported a Polish national who has served 3-years in Singaraja Prison for skimming. ATM machines across the island. Gawel Amdeusz Wojcik, 33, was found guilty of tampering with ATM machines in 2019. Since he was a known criminal he was served a prison sentence.

He was released from prison on Saturday 19th June and deported to Germany the following Monday. He was reported to have been flown to Germany on a Malaysian Airlines deportation flight and it was arranged for him to catch a bus back to Poland. Wojcik has been banned from returning to Indonesia for 6-month. 

Bali Police and Immigration are tough on foreigners who commit a crime on the island. They are determined to ensure that Bali is respected by international visitors. There have been several scandals in recent weeks involving foreigners who have disrespected sacred sites in Bali which has also led to a series of deportations and black listings.

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Sunday 3rd of July 2022


J West

Friday 1st of July 2022

This Russian clown should be manacled to a wall in an isolation cell. What kind of prison guards put up with such childish tantrums. In Russia his prison time would be quiet, after a mandatory daily beating.

Karen North

Friday 1st of July 2022

Not only do the police need to be tough on foreigners who commit a crime, but they need to act against nationals who commit a crime on foreginers. I had my new car stolen from my villa 6 years ago. It took 4 years in civil court to prove it was mine before I could then go to the police and report it stolen. Now, after 6 years (yes, 2 were lost to covid) we have the investigation to prove it was stolen. The police and the courts have been very helpful but it is the time it has taken. Let alone the cost. I could have bought 3 new Avanzas. I have gone on this journey at great cost to my health and pocket but had to be done. I hope my story will be told and this girl held as an example. Not only did she steal my car but she talked an Italian girl into buying a lease on a villa then she stole that. The Italian lost 667,000,000.


Saturday 2nd of July 2022

@Karen North, we all heard your story on here. But there is more to that story that you are not telling us in great detail. If the car registration wasn't in your name then a substantial proof as the real owner must be presented in a court of justice. And so on...Indonesia is not alone with cases that spanned over time in the West. Where is the thief in question, still missing?


Friday 1st of July 2022

Deport him and ban him from returning to Bali. His behavior showed no remorse of what was committed even if he had admitted of his crime. Clearly he is not suffering from any mental illness. Don't let Bali become a haven for foreign mafias...

Perhaps it's time to fingerprint and picture taken for all visitors without needing a visa to enter Indonesia. This will make them think twice of their intended visit to stay out of trouble.

Wayan Bo

Friday 1st of July 2022

It’s big disgrace, obviously he don’t belong to Russian night wolves.