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Russian Social Media Influencer Censored For Controversial Video

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The daughter of Russian Tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov and social media influencer, Alesya Kafelnikova has been criticized for her recent photo with a Sumatran elephant.

The video posted on the influencer’s Instagram, showing herself posing nude on top of an elephant in Bali, received a massive response from viewers.

The Instagram influencer has more than 500k followers on the platform. As evidenced by her uploads, she has been enjoying her time in Bali during the pandemic

Aleysa gained popularity in Bali after recently uploading the video with the elephant on February 13/21 on her account, which has since been removed by the influencer.

The video was initially viewed 175 thousand times and received mixed responses from viewers. Some supported her message of protecting elephants in the wild, while others viewed her behavior as abusive and cruel towards the elephant.

Sumatran elephants

Critics held the common opinion that she should not be on top of the elephant as it may harm the animal.

Comments received from online users included:

This is not cool action, leave the elephant and use a chair or something else. This is cruelty,” as well as, “Why be naked? Do you think everyone is interested in seeing you naked? How does this elephant deserve to have treatment?

Meanwhile, according to the Indonesian Constitution Number 5 Year 1990 and PP 7/1999, the Sumatran elephant is a protected animal. The Internation Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) stated that the Sumatran elephant is categorized as an endangered animal with (CR) status.

In response to her critics, Aleysa explained that the photoshoot was taken as her form of aesthetic sentiment towards the elephant, and at the same time she has been giving charity to help the local community in the village.

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