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Outrageous Behavior By Bali Tourists In Cafe Triggers Scathing Backlash

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Tourists behaving badly in Bali is sadly nothing new. Yet, sometimes stories arise where tourists’ behavior is not only disrespectful or a bit out of line, but outrageous and simply bizarre. In another instance of wild inappropriate behavior by a bule in Bali, a video of two tourists enacting an…intimate…act at a cafe has gone viral. 

Cafe In Bali With Wooden Decor

Naturally, the video has triggered a serious backlash, and there are calls for immigration and the police to get involved after the couple in question have not issued a public apology, but blessings of love and light that have served to only irritate local people even more. 

The video was shared by Elina with the account name @lali_ra_. After receiving vitriol online, the Instagram account now appeared to have been deleted, or at the very least deactivated. The video may have disappeared from the original source, but social justice advocate and Balinese entrepreneur Niluh Djelantik has shared screen recordings of the whole saga. The Bali Sun has refrained from posting this video due to its content.


In the first video caption, “POV: Goddess worshiping with my spiritual f*ckboy”, Elina’s leg is resting on the cafe table, and her foot is being ravaged by her lover, known online as @cosmiclovetiger, or Shikari. The video is taken in broad daylight, and fellow diners in the cafe glance over with looks of both confusion, contempt, and embarrassment. 

Niluh Djelantik accompanied the screen recording of the original video is the caption, “Bali doesn’t need garbage tourists”. She tagged Indonesia’s Minster for Tourism and Creative Economies, who has been vocal about his intention to encourage ‘high quality’ tourists to the Island of the Gods. 

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Djelantik continues, “Mr. Minister, are you sure you give a second home visa to this one??? Sure the visas they have now can be used to work ???? Everyday I received this kind of report by my beloved. Every day I get complaints about the tourist behavior of this country, it’s as if it had its ancestors @lali_ra_ @cosmiclovetiger WTF are you doing on a public place? Don’t you have any respect to others???? Your behavior is really giving Bali a bad name. We don’t need trashy tourist like you. @ditjen_imigrasi @imngurahrai please check the work permits of these two people.”. 

Djelantik has suggested that both tourists conduct activities in Bali that could go against their visa terms, Suggesting that they have been running workshops, retreats, or classes while residing in Bali on visitor visas. To add insult to injury, or perhaps fuel to the fire, before deactivating her Instagram account, Elina posted two stories offering not an apology for their public indiscretions but rather offerings of love and light against the pain and hurt that is being projected onto her by online trolls. 

Young woman standing on the edge of an infinity pool, Ubud, Bali

In a video posted two days ago, Elina said, “Good morning dear ones, I am sending love to all those people who are sending hate messages to me. I really love you, I really understand that you are scared…and I love and accept you. Om Shanti Shanti…peace”.

This time Djelantik called on immigration to investigate the visa status of both tourists, citing that they both made an ‘immoral scene in public’. Djelantik shared her righteous angst that Elina suggested those online who were upset by her behavior were cowardly or scared rather than apologizing. 


They say three times a charm, and Elina didn’t stop with just one blessing of love and understanding but took to social media again from her villa to offer her healing skills to those triggered by the original video. In the third post, she said, “I still love you, whatever you do, whatever you say, I still love you because if I love myself, I love other people no matter people whatever they do”.


She continues to promote her own service as a psychotherapist “only deeply traumatized people can do negative comments, and I am a psychotherapist, I am a life coach, and I can help these people to get through the traumas, to get through the fears”.

Once again, Djelantik and her online community, including other high-profile social media influencers in Bali, are calling on immigration to investigate Bali’s legitimacy in Indonesia and ensure that no one is working illegally in Bali and that disrespectful, debauched behavior does not become commonplace on the Island of the Gods.

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Saturday 3rd of December 2022

A friend in the "know" in Australia just shared a travel update from down under. A report from the Indonesian government that would ban sex outside marriage on the holiday island. It is highly hypocritical in some ways should the law pass in Indonesia. Sigh.

The Indonesian Parliament have agreed to indefinitely postpone the bill with those new regulations and cannot be enforced. But the Australian travel update has already advised Aussie travelers even before the adultery act could pass and signed by the President. Another scare tactic to prevent Aussies to visit Bali or another way to denigrate Indonesia?? Giving Indonesia the benefit of the doubt has been in the minds of many Australians after all these years of friendship.


Sunday 4th of December 2022

What is your source for saying "The Indonesian Parliament have agreed to indefinitely postpone the bill with those new regulations and cannot be enforced".

According to news over the last few days, it is expected to become law by 15 December 2022?

Here are some of the paragraphs that will affect expats, visitors and tourists, as they will in effect be under the "zina"

Adultery ------------

"Anyone who has intercourse with someone who is not his husband or wife shall be punished for adultery, with a maximum imprisonment of 1 year or a maximum fine of category II (Rp. 7.5 million)," reads Article 415.

Reading articles in Bahasa Indonesia this new law is referred to as zina (which in Islamic legal term means illicit sexual relations).

Cohabitation or cohabitation --------------------------------

Cohabitation is two people of the opposite sex who live under the same roof outside of marriage. The RKUHP threatens criminal punishment for someone who commits cohabitation.

The cohabitation article is regulated in Article 416. Paragraph 1 states, "Anyone who lives together as husband and wife outside of marriage is subject to imprisonment for a maximum of 6 months or a maximum fine of category II".

It is stated only enforced if reported by close relatives. However, more alarming is the fact that these new laws can be used for blackmail as I'm quite sure many visitors and tourists will not be aware of the finer details and the fact they are under sharia law (zina) when visiting Indonesia.

Furthermore, I'm quite sure a lot of hotels will make problems for couples attempting to do check-in without their marriage certificate. This as the hotels will be afraid of their reputation if a couple is arrested for "zina". Some hotel groups in Indonesia are already asking for marriage certificate.


Friday 2nd of December 2022

Bali is to blame for this. Only trash-tourists will visit Bali after the destruction of Bali. The last 3 decades of destruction of Bali is horrible.


Friday 2nd of December 2022

Oh my word....a life coach...RUN!!!!


Friday 2nd of December 2022

As a psychotherapist she should know that her behavior in sexual nature in public is deemed inappropriate. It has nothing to do about healing nor about overcoming fears.

The person lacks cultural awareness and sensitivity. The awareness of cultural differences and their impact on behavior is the beginning of cultural effectiveness.

Many ignore the definition of a tourist/visitor visa offered in many countries around the world that is simply a document that allows a limited period of leisure travel within a country, but no business activity.

Therefore if the accusation (offering healing therapy sessions and psychological consultations) is directed at the psychotherapist is true then it is a gross violation of the tourist visa term.


Friday 2nd of December 2022

What a disgrace why do tourists going to Bali think it is funny and acceptable to behave in such a disrespectful manner,I have been to Bali 45 odd times and have seen numerous d!@kheads behave this way. Pull your heads in or stay at home.